The Engagement: Liz and Ben

a quaint lebanon ohio springtime engagement session

To know Liz and Ben is to love them.

I’ve had the honor of knowing Liz for almost 2 years now. We talk all the time about how we first met. After the tornados came through the Dayton area 2 years ago our church hosted a morning of serving our neighbors who had been hit the hardest. I was 34-35 (I can’t remember) weeks pregnant with baby Titus at the time. So my mom and I had picked a smaller job to go do. But when we got there it was all done. So we decided to just go join in where my dad and Andrew were working. Well, we walk over and find all the ladies of the crew standing around waiting for tree branches to move. And there was Liz. Our friendship started almost instantly.

This sweet sister in Christ is so dear to our family now. I can’t believe how the Lord made our paths cross but, He’s ways are higher than our ways.

When she started dating Ben, I could see something happening. It was almost instant.

You see Liz and Ben and their families have known each other since elementary school. These two have been best friends since high school. They lost touch during college.

But the Lord in His plan, had them reconnect. They picked up right where they left off and the rest is history.

Well almost history. Andrew, Titus and I can’t wait for your August wedding. And we can’t wait even more to be along for your journey into the future. We know the Lord is going to do big things through your lives together.

Until then, let’s enjoy this season and this amazing engagement session in quaint downtown Lebanon, Ohio.

The Engagement: Samantha and Jason

a late fall sun soaked engagement session at hills and dales metropark in dayton ohio

Oh Samantha and Jason.

These two stole my heart a couple of months ago. When they had to make the difficult decision to postpone their special day till next summer.

But then their engagement session came along earlier this week, and they stole it even more.

Jason and Samantha met through a mutual friend from work. She talked Jason into attending a 5k race…Samantha was also attending the race that day. She introduced them, knowing they would be the perfect fit and that’s where it all began. The runner girl in me, loves that these lovebirds story begins in running shoes.

When the time to pop the question came, Jason was at training before he headed off for his deployment with the reserves. While in New Mexico, on a hike, he got down on one knee with a gorgeous ring!!

That leads us to the terrible decision these two had to make (like so many couples this year) to postpose their wedding day until next August. Jason’s deployment got extended.

But the sunshine in the midst of the rain clouds was this AMAZING fall engagement session we got to enjoy together.

Oh, Samantha and Jason, you two just overflow with love, joy, and comfort with each other. You two are so much fun to be around and I CANNOT wait to celebrate with you guys next August.

The Engagement- Karen & Dave

a loveland ohio early fall engagement session

Oh Karen and Dave.

I literally love these two so much!!

When Karen emailed about photographing their wedding a couple of months ago, my heart just leaped out of my chest. I could just feel the love these two share!!

And when I met them in person last Saturday, it just sealed the deal that they are the best. And they are simply perfect for each other!!

Karen and Dave met at a mixer at Crossroads Church with 400 other people there. They found each other at the end of the night. This is what Karen said about their meeting… it’s BEYOND dreamy!!

“A woman came up to me and said: Hi, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine! she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to Dave. I said, “Oh this is so cool, how do you two know each other?” She said, “Oh we don’t, we just have been talking here tonight and I just have a feeling you two have a lot to talk about so I will let you go”. Dave had just told her he was disappointed he didn’t meet anyone and she had asked him ‘what kind of woman are you looking for?” and dave started rambling but then looked over, saw me, and said “wait- that’s the kind of woman! right there!” so Faith (that’s her name) ran right over and got me. As Dave and I talked after about 5 sentences all the sound went out of the room for me. I heard “he is so special” and nodded in my spirit agreement. And truly, Dave is so incredibly special in character and his faith is amazing. We have been in love since.”

These two bikers and hikers and outdoor lovers picked this location that is just PERFECT for them. They bike here all the time and even had some great dates here. They are so thoughtful, so full of joy, bring love and light into everything they do.

Their wedding is THIS SATURDAY!! And I for one CANNOT WAIT!!

So you will see them on the blog again soon!!

The Engagement: Emily and Will

a late summer young’s jersey dairy engagement session

Emily and Will.

These two just overflow with joy. With love. With laughter. With silliness!!

When Emily told me that she wanted to do their engagement session at Young’s Jersey Dairy, I was beyond excited!! But these two took it ABOVE and BEYOND!!

Emily and Will grew up around 20 minutes from each other. But didn’t meet until they were working in the same department at work. But work is 3000 miles away in California while both being stationed there serving in the US Air Force!! I mean what are the odds of that happening!!! I think that might be the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Their wedding is TOMORROW!! And I can’t wait to celebrate their love story!! It’s going to be the best day ever.

The Engagement: Carolyn and Drew

Oh Carolyn and Drew!

These two were a delight and a joy to work with. I loved spending my Monday night exploring downtown Cincinnati and the banks of the Ohio River with these love birds. This tired mama, didn’t know how she would survive a late night (ya know being out past 8), but these two brought LIFE into my weary and tired bones.

A love affair for the ages are these two. They met while in college and Oklahoma University. Drew was in the bell choir at church with Carolyn’s roommates. Her sweet girls just wouldn’t let her not meet Drew. They knew these two would be the perfect match, I couldn’t agree more.

When it came time to pop the question, Drew had it all planned out. He was going to propose at a party they were throwing on New Year’s Eve. The ring was ready, the plan was set. Well, then things changed. They decided last minute to go see the fireworks at Fountain Square. When that didn’t feel like the right time to ask the biggest question of a lifetime, he decided it was in fact going to have to happen back at home. After waiting for the last of the guests to leave, he dropped down to one knee and asked Carolyn to be his wife. And of course, she said yes!!

Since Carolyn and Drew are currently living and working in Cincinnati, it just seems like the perfect place to take their engagement pictures. They were full of love, joy and laughter and I loved every moment of it!! I cannot wait for their August wedding in Columbus. It’s going to be the BEST day!!

The Engagement- Kirsten & Robbie

late fall springfield ohio engagement session

My fall wasn’t full of just family sessions like this post shows. I did get the honor of photographing one of my 2020 couples and it was a true joy!

Kirsten and Robbie (and their sweet pups) were just so much fun to work with. It was a chilly late fall evening but oh so worth being cold.

I loved getting to know these two lovebirds even more. From an engagement, while hiking out in Colorado to an engagement ring that looks like the mountain they hiked…these two are swoon-worthy!

They are following a dream to move out to Colorado and I just love their spirit of adventure. I can’t wait to see them again in June for their wedding and hear all about life out West.

Enjoy re-living our chilly fall evening together.

The Engagement: Ashley and Keenan

Carriage Hill Metro Park Springtime Engagement Session

Oh, what a joy it was to finally get to meet and work with Ashley and Keenan!!

After rescheduling their engagement session not once but twice it was a delightful Tuesday evening together. We had Carriage Hill Metropark to ourselves. It was a simply perfect evening, except maybe a little warm. But nothing could stop these two from overwhelming with love for each other and pure joy.

I loved connecting with these love birds. We could have continued to walk around and talk about life, weddings and just getting to know each other. Ashley and Keenan felt like old friends when we were done with this session.

My favorite of our talking points included their magical proposal story. Keenan and the dogs waited outside their newly purchased home on Christmas day with the ring in hand. But not the ring that they had picked out together, but Ashley’s grandmother’s ring! Stop it right now!! That is the sweetest thing ever. Ashley and Keenan might have a 21st-century love story of meeting through mutual friends on Twitter but they share a deep love that will last the test of time. To watch these two interact and hear them share of their past, present and future, just makes my heart smile.

Andrew and I can’t wait to celebrate with these two lovebirds in October!!

Can we all just take a moment and stare at that vintage ring?!?! I fell into deep love with that beaut!!

The Engagement: Allison and Tyler

Eastwood Metro Park Springtime Engagement Session

Sunday night wandering around Eastwood MetroPark with these two was a literal dream. I felt like I needed to pinch myself. I know what you are thinking already….Sarah, it looks like a dream come dream. And let me tell you it was indeed.

Allison and Tyler were the BEST. For starters they were so flexible with this crazy Ohio weather. When the forecast was showing cold temperatures and cloudy skies on their scheduled session date, they were great about moving it around to get the perfect evening. And man oh, man am I glad they were.

Secondly, they were so much fun to just chat with while we were wandering around. I could have spent the rest of the evening enjoying the sunset and warm weather with these two. Andrew and I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding day with them in September!!

These “almost” high school sweet hearts love story is one for the ages. I love that they went to the same middle school and high school and sorta knew each other back then….but it wasn’t until a mutual friend re-acquainted them during college and they started messaging and chatting through social media. It’s like a modern day fairy tale.

And don’t get me started on the proposal. Tyler NAILED it y’all!! He popped the question, in the middle of a sunflower field. Totally surprised Allison as well as her family that he had there. Oh and he hired a photographer, made sure Allison had a great outfit to wear for pictures…I mean COME ON!! So romantic and thoughtful. I just love it.

Like I said before, Andrew and I can’t wait to celebrate with these two lovebirds in September. It is going to feel like a family wedding to us after this amazing engagement session. Now on to the good stuff…the fruits of our session!!

The Engagement: Lauren and Zack

Winter, Elegant, Downtown Dayton Ohio Engagement Session

Saturday morning might have been windy and freezing cold, but these two didn’t let it slow them down. They just took it in stride and oh my goodness made freezing cold look amazing!!

After our first attempt for this session got canceled because of the threat of snow, I was so excited we could make this happen today.

You see, I got a front row seat to one of the most special days of this young couple’s lives.

I got the EXTREME honor to photograph their engagement this past December. If you follow me on social media, you probably saw the stories, but it was the SWEETEST thing. Zack did an amazing job planning, not just the evening but the entire day. He planned a little hunt for Lauren to go back and visit all sorts of places that are important to them and their story. And then, in the evening he popped the question and Lauren, of course, said yes and I of course cried!!

These lovebirds have been together since high school and the love they share just overflows out of them. From making decisions together for the future to planning a wedding and finishing school, they are walking hand in hand, following where the Lord is leading them. I can’t wait to see where they will go next and what they will do next!!

But I’m excited to watch!!

Best of 2018- A Recap

Oh 2018. I can’t believe you are over! But oh my goodness, WHAT. A. YEAR!!

It wasn’t exactly the year, I had planned. But dang, was it far better than any of my expectations. From the amazing wedding clients turned friends, to friends turned family clients, to repeat clients, to younger child senior sessions and oh so much.

The only word that I can come up with to describe this year…blessed.

Because that is 1000% how I feel about this year. Each and every client left me feeling blessed by them in some way, left me over-joyed that I get to call this my job. So to all your amazing clients, thanks for a great year. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. I have a feeling, if it is anything like 2018, I’ll be left speechless all over again.

Let’s take a look back at this year, a section at a time.

First up,

Engagement Sessions

From a surprise engagement, traveling to Port Huron, Michigan, and some amazing sun-soaked sessions, this year brought so much love and laughter through engagement sessions. If you are a client of mine, you know I sorta force these on you, but they are 1000%  worth it!!

Senior and Portrait Sessions

This was my year for repeat family customers. I had the great honor of shooting a lot of these seniors’ older brothers or sisters. To get the honor to photograph a second sibling…leaves me without words.

Family Sessions

In the intro, I said that a lot of these families are friends, and that’s totally true. Some are friends that turned into clients, others are clients that have turned into friends. All of these families made my heart overflow with joy and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!

Styled Shoot of My Dreams

This needs no introduction. If you missed it earlier this year, this shoot was featured on Whimsically Wed earlier this year. You can see the feature here.

Oh so many AMAZING Weddings and Pop Up Weddings

Oh this wedding season!! It started early in the year in February and didn’t end until the last day of 2018, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. All of these couples and their love stories stole my heart!

If you have stuck it out to this point, God Bless you!! Your reward for making it this far…

The 2018 Behind the Scenes!!

From watching me fluff dress, make funny faces and stand strangely while I give directions, to watching my amazing assistants (my husband and mom) toss veils and seeing how gorgeous we all look while testing light!! Enjoy this peak into what it looks like for AMHP at a wedding. We usually only show you the pretty side, not this side ;)!