The Most Important- Mommy and Me

Oh mama’s!! We are never in the picture. Can I get an Amen?? I’m trying to make it my mission to get. in. the. picture!! No matter what is happening. No matter what you feel about yourself. No matter what! Getting in the picture.

So when this sweet mama/friend/fellow creative reached out wanting to do a magical mommy and me session I JUMPED at the chance! They are slowly becoming my favorite!

Sweet Molly is our family videographer. She has captured so many wonderful seasons and sessions with us. She had a vision or recreate a session she did for herself last year before her youngest daughter was born! You can view it here. It was my honor to bring it to life!!

The Most Important: The Brown Family- Three Trees Farm

These friends. These friends, feel more like family. And if you have been around the blog at all you’ve probably seen these darling friends of ours a time or two!! They have blessed my family beyond measure. They loved us hard and prayed harder during our journey to start a family.

Now it’s our joy to encourage them!!

You see these dear friends of ours own and run one of my favorite places on Earth. Three Trees Farm. It’s the only place I want to get vegetables from. All other veggies don’t taste good.

So when Kim reached out wanting updated pictures of their hard work, I LEAPT at the opportunity to make some magical images together.

The sunshine, the weather (well that was a little hot), the amazing veggies, it pretty farmland. It was magical!!

You should go check out the farm. And get some amazing produce. We will probably run into each other there. We go almost every week ;)!

But first, before you run there, check out the amazing time we had!

The Most Important: The Tait Family

If you have been around the blog at all, these two look quite familiar.

You’ve seen their anniversary session. And their maternity session.

And that’s for good reason. They are basically family.

And now they are a family of THREE!!! They welcomed a sweet baby boy a few weeks ago. The adjustment to family life isn’t easy but they are killing it. Little man is thriving and growing. It’s just the beginning and they are handling life so well. I know they are going to shine for Jesus to this little man. And I would like to personally sign up for all the playdates right now. Titus can’t wait to teach baby boy about all things wheels and trucks!!

Please join me in celebrating this sweet new life.

The Most Important: The Tait Family

If you have been around the blog at all lately, you’ve seen NOTHING new. I’m most sincere apologies. It has been an intentionally slow season for me so I can enjoy this time with my son and my husband.

I had this session at the end of May and I’m just getting around to sharing it with y’all. Whoops. But I guess late is better than never sharing it at all.

Megan and Conor are dear friends of ours. And they have been on the blog before. You see their adorable anniversary session right here! But these two are about to become THREE!!! We cannot wait to see them turn into parents to their sweet son any day now. They are going to be great examples for Jesus to their little boy and I’m excited to cheer them on. Oh and all the play dates with our little men, please!!

The Most Important: The Brown Family

If you have been around here long enough, you’ve probably seen these sweet friends lots of times!!!

I have had the honor of photographing them so many times. And I’ve loved each of them.

This one was super short because YIKES it was freezing!!!!! And I had a coat on. I’m not sure they all survived without coats.

When Kim told me her dream to take some family pictures for their christmas card in the snow at their family farm, I was all in!! We rescheduled so many times I lost count, but when we finally connected, WORTH IT!!!

I can’t wait to photograph these sweet friends again this spring at their farm, Three Trees Farm. (Everyone should go check it out!! It’s my favorite place to get produce!!)

It’s Just the Beginning- Garrett

When I got the email from Garrett’s mom to capture his senior pictures, I was beyond thrilled and honored.

I got the honor and privilege of photographing his older sister’s senior pictures a few years ago. When families come back to get pictures taken a second time, my heart just swells.

Garrett was amazing to work with for his pictures. He was soooo easy going and went with all my crazy directions. And we created some awesome images to remember his senior year.

I know you’re going to do some big things in the years to come Garrett! I can’t wait to see what they are.

The Most Important: The Keller Family

a late fall newborn and family session in centerville ohio

This dear sweet family. I had the great honor of getting to do life and church with these two. Well then it was three. And now they are a family of 4!!! I still can’t believe it!

It’s been WAYYYYYYY too long since I saw them last. And even longer since I got the honor of photographing them.

The Keller Family just welcomed their sweet baby boy 2 weeks before these pictures were taken. Baby James is such a prayed for little miracle and it was my honor to get to photograph him with his sweet big sister and mommy and daddy!!

Guy, Yvonne, thanks so much for letting into your lives again to photograph this season in your lives and just to catch up a little bit. We should do it again soon.

The Most Important: The Brown Family

a late fall sun soaked family session in centerville ohio

These dear sweet friends. Oh, how it was just a blessing to be to photograph their sweet family who just mean the world to us.

You are looking at some friends that feel like family. We might not hang out every weekend or see each other all the time, but when we do, things just pick up where we left off the time before.

They love hard and pray harder and I am just beyond blessed that I got to spend an evening capturing these fun times in life.

If you’ll remember with me, the last time the Browns were on the blog, baby girl hadn’t made her arrival. So everyone here is sweet Magnolia James!! We just love her so.

Enjoy these pictures from our session last weekend, which I have to say might be one for the record books…no one cried, no one screamed, everyone listened to directions…it truly was MAGICAL!!

They Still Do: Ryan and MeiLing

a belated fall anniversary session in centerville ohio

community: com·mu·ni·ty/ (n.)

  1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
  2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

These are the definitions of community if you just look them up in the Oxford English Dictionary. But that isn’t what community means to me.

When I think about community and try to come up with a definition I think of Ryan and MeiLing. I think of another couple that graced the blog recently, Megan and Conor. I think of so many other families that have been on the blog over the years. The one thing that they all have in common, the Lord brought them into my life and they feel like a member of the family. We try to share life with them.

Ryan and MeiLing walked into our lives through our growth group at University Baptist Church in Beavercreek. And oh. my. goodness am I glad that they have!! They make our lives so much richer and so much closer to Jesus. So when their first anniversary came up in July, it only seemed fitting to celebrate with some anniversary pictures. But when our schedules couldn’t match up until now…it was just magic!

The Most Important: The Ross Family

Alright All My Heart Brides and Grooms, I need more of you to bring me your babies and families!!

I loved spending Saturday morning with one of my former couples, Ashley and Jay, and their sweet daughter and little baby brother who will be joining the family at the end of the year!!

It brings me so much joy to meet see families grow. So seriously, bring me your babies!!