Design- Christmas House Edition

So, I know no one asked for this blog post. This is one just for me. I wanted to document and share how our house gets transformed at Christmas time.

I love to decorate for Christmas. It just sets the mood for the season, makes everything feel special and changes the way the house feels 90% of the year!!

So, without further ado, here is our Christmas house tour 2020 edition!!

You’ll find every now and then a real life picture of what life and this house is like, you’ll peep Titus running and playing and making a mess. Just so you don’t think the whole house is clean all the time.

Design- Laundry Room Design Plan

Oh my goodness. I have put blogging and sharing on the back burner again these days. But today that is changing.

I thought during this time where we are all spending more time at home, I would share my dreams and design plan for our laundry room.

I know with the world is flux like it is and everyone anxious about catching COVID-19, this sort of thing can seem almost frivolous.

But I’m choosing to focus on something positive.

Because of our hope in Jesus Christ, we don’t have to be anxious or worried or stressed. It doesn’t mean that we don’t slip up, we don’t stress, we don’t allow anxiety to creep in, we don’t lay awake in the middle of the night praying because you can feel the negative thoughts taking control. Oh all of those things can still happen, but because of our hope in Jesus, we don’t have to live there. We can climb out of the negative and thrive through this season of anxiety and stress and fear.

So something I’m doing to keep my mind from wandering all over the place is focusing on other things. One of those being the design for the laundry room.

Here is the mood board/design plan for this space. I CANNOT wait to see it come to life. I’m trying some new techniques and ideas and materials for this one. Once again, I’m teaming up with my dad with Hickory Handyman and Woodworking for this project and it just gonna be amazing.

Below you can see the before pictures of the space. The main thing I’m excited about is stacking the machines, it will save so much space. The whole room is. only like 90 square feet. So opening up some space will be AMAZING. Plus a bigger sink that isn’t in the middle is going to be amazing!!

You’ll notice off the bat that we are going to use brick paver floors. Those have been my dream for the laundry room FOREVER. I found these are Lowe’s and they are just the best of the brick world. I love the color tones, they look just like bricks which is exactly what I wanted.

I can’t wait to paint the cabinets that Hickory is making in that amazing color, naval. And that other color, that’s for the ceiling. That is one of the new techniques I can’t wait to employ!

Check my Instagram stories to see the progress and make sure to check back here to see the finished product!!

Design- Quick Bathroom Redo

Y’all!! This mama is starting to go crazy. The same thing all day every day is starting to take its toll on my sanity. So to make myself a little less crazy, I’ve really been digging into reading books and the bible. But to keep my hands busy and my creative juices flowing, I’ve been doing some quick changes around the house.

Most of the rooms have been done and I’m happy with most of them. The only room that came to mind was our master bathroom.

I redid it YEARS ago, but it doesn’t really feel like the rest of the house or go with our bedroom. It seemed like the perfect option to get a quick rehab.

I have big plans for this space in the long term. I want to gut this space and expand it into the closet and then make our closet in our bedroom since it’s so big. I go back and forth with layout and things. And we need to save money and find the perfect time to do it since its such a big project.

But in the meantime, why live with an ugly space. So here comes a mini redo.

Before we share and talk about what we did, let’s take a look at the before. You’ll see builder beige, way too much tile I really don’t like (but that I really can’t do anything about just yet), bright colors and lots and lots of shelves.

Now let’s look at the after.

My first plan was to just paint the walls and call it done, but I thought it needed a little something more than that. That it needed more color, or love, more something.

So the light above the mirror was the first thing I found. It pretty much informed the rest of the decisions. After that, I found the peel and stick wallpaper. (I was inspired by a blogger I follow online, Sara with Room for Tuesday just did some peel and stick wallpaper in her bathroom, it got me thinking.) It was the perfect addition of color and texture that the room needed.

Along with the wallpaper I wanted to change up the vanity without really doing anything to it, so I found these cabinet pulls as well as this faucet. Lastly, it was the little thing of getting new towel hooks. I’ve always disliked the old ones locations and style.

The paint was already in the house. It’s just leftover extra white from other rooms in the house. I love how it brightens up the room!

Fall Family Sessions Wrap-Up

Fall 2019- The Season of Family Sessions

I had the great honor during the fall to photograph so many family sessions. From dear friends who feel like family, to former brides and grooms with babies in bellies and out of bellies and church family.

So sit back with a cup of your favorite warm winter beverage and journey back to fall with me. I’m going to move from one family to the next.

Up first is the White family.

This sweet family is one of those that feels like family to me. We went to church and did life together for so long. It made my heart happy to be able to capture some sweet memories for this extended family.

Next up is the Brown Family

This dear family is another one of those that just feels like family to me. We went to church with them for only a short time, but dang did the Lord knit us together in a short amount of time. This amazing family owns Three Trees Farm in Bellbrook and you HAVE to check them out. Their produce is out of sight and the family you are helping support is way better.

The Haag Family is up next

This sweet party of 3 is a former #allmyheartcouple. It was a true honor to capture this moment of waiting with them. Their sweet baby boy arrived in early December and I am over the moon happy for them. Oh, and Heather wins some serious points for rocking those heels 8 months pregnant. I can’t rock heels when I’m not pregnant.

Next up is Alicia, Nick, and Kenzie

These 3!! They made my job so easy. Sweet Alicia grooms our dear Augie doggie. She takes such great care of our girl, that I was honored to be able to take great care of this lovely family.

The Groshans Family is next is our round-up.

I told you already that the fall was FULL of family sessions. It was AMAZING, and it had me wondering if I should let more families into my photo schedule. And after the Groshans family, I am seriously thinking about it.

This sweet family is a member of my current church family. They have the warmest hearts and it was an honor to photograph them this year. Amber is a photographer too so that always fills me with such honor and humility when another photographer trusts me with their memories.

And last but not least is the Fultz Family.

Another #allmyheartcouple. Emily, Cody and their sweet baby girl made my heart so full. Their little Elaine is only a week or so older than my little guy. It was so much to be pregnant with Emily and now to have little humans so close in age. I still think we need a playdate soon Em!!

Design- Titus’ Farmhouse Nursery

Oh my goodness! I have been waiting so long to share this blog with you guys. I have been dreaming about our baby’s nursery for oh so long (infertility journey problems!)

Literally, as soon as we found out we were pregnant with our miracle baby, my design brain started spinning and creating this space for our child. Not even knowing if we would welcome a little boy or a little girl, I planned out and searched out ideas for both. Knowing in my mind what I wanted the final product to look like.

I wanted the nursery to look like it fit with the rest of our house. I didn’t want it to stand out and scream to anyone walking by, “yes we do have kids”. My dream was something childlike but still in the keeping with the rest of our farmhouse style house.

The whole space started with the crib. Andrew and I bought the crib on Black Friday (I love a good deal), but I was only like 8 weeks along and lots of things could still go wrong, but we went for it anyway. From there the room took shape. The grey was neutral and would go either way gender-wise and could be used for the next kid (Lord willing). We found a killer deal at Pottery Barn. You can find the exact crib here (but it doesn’t seem to available at the moment).

I knew I wanted to do wallpaper in the space for some texture and pattern…plus wallpaper is just pretty (or in this case, masculine). When I found this Magnolia wallpaper, I was 100% sold. Looking back, I probably would have picked that paper whether we had a boy or a girl. I just love the clean lines and the bright color. You can find that paper here.

When we found out Titus was a boy, the changing table the other things came to life. Everyone kept asking me if the room had a theme, and my answer was, not really. Except for prettty!! But one day the idea of vintage travel came to me. With Andrew being from India and me being born and raised in Ohio, the maps to show the different sides of his heritage seemed beyond perfect. The last piece to bring the travel theme to life was the handpainted globe. I got it custom painted from a local artisan. Sarah knocked it out of the park, I can’t recommend her enough!!

So without further ado- here is baby Titus’ nursery. I will link as much as I can remember at the end of the post.

The plant was from my baby shower. And that verse print on the wall, I made from a watercolor and verse my sister in law sent us when we were celebrating the baby being a boy.
The pillows on the crib that look like shirts, well they were shirts. They belonged to my late father in law. My amazing grandma and I transformed into pillows.

Sources for the space- Changing table, area rug, glider and ottoman, light fixture, custom globe, picture frames. Shelf was made by my dad, closet doors were made by my dad, end table is from Home Goods.

Design- Guest Bathroom Reveal

I can’t believe I’m finally writing this blog. Somewhere in the trenches of this project…I honestly never thought it as going to get finished. I know I’m being a little over-dramatic…but aren’t pregnancy hormones good at that?!?!

But in all seriousness…I am still in disbelief that our dream guest bathroom is now a reality!

Every time I walk into this space, I can’t believe that it’s really ours, that it’s in our house. And this girl has these thoughts a lot these days…little man is making have to pee a lot! ūüėČ

I can’t thank my sweet papa enough for making this dream space a reality. He put so much blood and sweat and brain power (but I don’t think tears, those were just mine!) into making the bathroom the thing of beauty that it is. If you are on the hunt for a woodworker, contractor, handyman, jack of all trades, he is your man. Go check him out, here!!

If you missed the before pictures (cover your eyes a little bit), and the design inspiration blog post you should check it out before you let yourself see the after…you’ll appreciate it more. Go on, I’ll wait….click here.

Now that you are fully up to speed with where we started…now we can talk and share about the after. Enjoy seeing the fruits of some hard labor and a long time without a front bathroom. We will chat more specifics at the end ;)!

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t think this project was ever going to wrap up. The floor tiles, while making a huge statement (just like I wanted them to), where also a huge pain! They are 18×18 tiles so they took FOREVER to dry. We are taking 3 weeks you guys!! We also had a couple of set backs with mold in the walls that needed handled and some other issues that just delayed the project all the more. But those things just make the final result all that much sweeter. When the water was finally running in the tub, and I could finally decorate after all the time of waiting with piles of boxes sitting around the house, I was all the more gleeful because of the waiting!!

I guess there might be a small life lesson for the day built into my bathroom blog post!! There is beauty in the waiting friends!! Anyway, more about the bathroom….

Most of the products that got used, were linked in the before the post.

The main things that are different are the chandelier and the towel ladder. The chandelier that I linked in the before post got lost in the mail from Amazon, so the amazing Hickory Handyman came to the rescue and made the one we have!! The towel ladder I ended up using is from Magnolia Market.

Most of the decor we already had and I just moved it around. The shelves I made from plumbing parts and a 2×8 board.

The mini vases are from and the storage baskets are also from Wayfair.

The tray, glass jar and the vase on the vanity are from Home Goods.

The blue and light gray towels are from Pottery Barn.

I can’t believe we get to live with this space. And it make me all the more excited to do the other bathrooms in the house. I have dreams for both the downstairs guest bathroom and our master bath! But up next is finishing up the nursery and then bringing home our sweet little man!!

Design- Guest Bathroom Inspiration Board

I would love¬†y’all¬†think that I was building suspense for this post…but to be honest, things have been a little busy with life and more life around here.

But let’s go with, that I was really trying to build suspense.

Our next renovation project to tackle, the guest bathroom!!

The guest bathroom is one of the rooms that everyone visits when they come over…well for obvious reasons. It is right off of the kitchen, the first door on the left down the hallway (it’s actually the only door on the left.) This room has nothing really wrong with it. We could keep on living with it. But honestly, it drives me crazy. Ever since we finished the kitchen, family room, living and dining room, and our bedroom, this one really started to stick out like a sore thumb. It was becoming more and more obvious that it was done by the old owners, not us. It is the only room on the whole of the first floor that hasn’t really had the Maigur touch to it (well besides the master bathroom, but that one doesn’t get seen as much by others!)

So with baby Maigur on the way and his room being right across the hall from this bathroom, the time is NOW to renovate this guy!!

So without further ado, here are the before pictures. You will notice a pedestal sink that offers ZERO storage, a large wall that really cuts the whole room in half, very¬†ornate tile that goes halfway up the wall in some areas and all the way up the wall in other areas…to put it nicely, just overdone for this girl’s taste.

Once you make your way through those, I show my mood/materials board as well as chat about my design inspiration.

Now that you all survived looking at the before pictures (please ignore/forgive the iPhone quality pictures!!), we can talk about what the after will look like. Below you will find my materials board as well as links to all the products and where I go them. Most of them have arrived or on their way. My wonderful dad, Hickory Handyman and Woodworking, is tackling this renovation project.

The whole thing really started in about 3 places. The vanity, a smaller more open tub and a striking floor.

The first thing that fell into place was the vanity. I fell so hard for that vanity. It was on sale after New Year’s Day and I could just see the whole space come together around that vanity. The bright top, the natural wood and details to keep it feeling casual, like a bathroom you can use regularly.

Next for me was, that I wanted to open up the space. It is really a LARGE bathroom, it just doesn’t feel like it at the moment. The big giant wall full of plumbing for the shower cuts the room into two small pieces. So my next inspiration was the idea of just a tub and moving the plumbing to the back wall. That was where the clawfoot tub came into place. I am so excited to see that wall come down and the room to feel more open, not to mention the details of the tub, to bring the whole space together.

And the last big inspiration for me was that I wanted a striking floor. I wanted the floor to just wow!! Enter the amazing concrete tiles I found on (if you are looking for good quailty tiles that don’t break the bank, Wayfair does have just what you need ;)!).

After those big pieces were picked and orderd, everything else just came into place nicely. I have pieces and parts arriving daily creating a big pile of cardboard boxes in my living room (reno realities!), and each time a new piece arrives I can just see them coming together.

Stay tuned for the results and if you want to follow along on my InstaStories, I’ll post some behind the scenes as we go!!



Design- Living and Dining Room

Another Monday! Oh Mondays, why are you so terrible?? Except over here it doesn’t feel like a true Monday. My sweet hubby has the day off today before he starts his week of¬†clinical hours!! So its a day to rest, relax, snuggle on the sofa with Netflix playing.¬† Oh, and sharing with you guys another sneak into our humble abode.

Up next is the living and dining room. This room got a big makeover this summer when the kitchen got overhauled but I never got around to sharing it. (Summer is my busy season…please forgive me.)

The main change in this room was the FLOORS! The before pictures that I didn’t take of this room because I was too excited for the kitchen included shag carpet all over the floor, builder beige walls, and a tall bar height dining room table.

All of the walls got painted before they started the floors. Well except that bright bold blue wall. That one was the only wall that stayed the same. Otherwise, the boring beige got replaced with our all over the house gray. The color is from Lowe’s and it’s called Modernist Gray. I am sorta obsessed¬†with gray these days. I think because it makes it feel warmer and homey-er without darkening any of the spaces.

The flooring is the same manufactured hardwood that is in the kitchen. I love how the two rooms just flow together now. Even though the openings between the two rooms didn’t change at all, it just feels like the two go together more now. Previously there was tile in the kitchen/entry and carpet in the living/dining room, so for both to have the same floor really achieved this. If you have a similar adjoining space that you want to feel more connected without removing walls, this would be my recommendation.

The other huge change to the dining room side of this room is two things. The dining room table and the lights. That gorgeous¬†dining table was created by the amazing Hickory Handyman and Woodworking. If you have read any of my other posts you will see a theme of who I use for woodworking and handyman projects…my sweet papa!! He handcrafted this beauty and it even expands to fit up to 12 people. The low profile and bright color really transformed and opened-up this space. Those chairs were a find from Wayfair¬†(I have the exact same chair linked there, but they sure have raised the price I purchased them last January!)

Oh and those lights!! We previously only had one, the table was square in shape so one fit really well over the square shape. When this table went in with its rectangular shape, one didn’t seem to fit. We toyed with the idea of just getting¬†a new longer fixture, but we both still really like this fixture. So thank goodness Pottery Barn was still selling them!! And of course, our favorite handyman came to rescue of adding it in and making it be on the same switch!!

Everything else in this space was there or got repurposed from another part of the house.

Enjoy looking through these after pictures.

Be on the lookout for our next project, the guest bathroom. I am hoping to share before pictures and my inspiration board soon!!

Design- Family Room Makeover

Well hello, blog friends!!

It has been AAAWHILE since you have seen anything new over here. Yikes!! Winter mixed with growing a tiny human (if you missed that announcement, head over here to read all about our sweet little miracle), this lady hasn’t been keen on writing new content for you…UNTIL NOW!!

I’m back! And I’m also getting back into sharing more personal projects. If you have been around the blog for a while, you know that my heartbeat is split. Between photographing your memories and designing spaces and events. You can see my last personal renovation project here (and if you ask me it’s a goodie!!)

Well at the moment my heart is even more torn between the two passions. So expect more of a split, for me to share more of my design projects, tips, plans, etc!!

Up next to share is our family room redo. This one got finished when we finished the kitchen in the summer, but I never got around to sharing it until now.

Here is an old iPhone picture of the before. Please excuse that it’s decorated for Christmas. It seemed to be the only picture that I had.

Not a whole lot really changed between the before and the after, except for wall and window coverings. Oh and I did just replace the rug for something bigger that made the room feel larger. I know it’s strange that a larger rug made the room feel bigger but things that are to scale, make things feel bigger.

That dark brown wall had to go. It was making the room feel so heavy!! And you couldn’t really see how tall the room really was before. The other thing that went away was the builder beige that was on all the other walls! It was flat plant, so if you got a mark on it, you couldn’t wipe it off and the beige was just too boring for me.

Lastly was the window coverings. You again can’t see them in the before picture, but they were a light coral. Perfectly fine, but just needed a change. I wanted something that let in a little more light.


Without further ado….


You can see the major change already. #Shiplap on that large wall surrounding the fireplace. Hickory Handyman did an AMAZING job making that shiplap as well as installing it!!

That alone brightened the whole room and made it feel so much brighter. You will also noticed that larger rug in these after photos as well as the light curtains. Basically, my whole goal was to lighten the room up. And think

I am already in love with all the storage that is in this room. We spend so much time in this room and I know once our little man arrives the same will be true. I’m excited to store all the baby things in those baskets in the bookcase and the drawers of the coffee table!

Ok BONUS time!!!

I’m also including our recent stair redo!!


Carpeted, short stair treads (this girl might have fallen down the stairs like 4 times…2 of which recently, hence the project). Dark wood banister posts at the top and the bottom. Here are a couple of before pictures. (Ignore that they are from my phone and all include Augie Doggie, but the top of the stairs might be one of her favorite¬†spots in the whole house!!)


You will notice, nice wide stair treads. Hardwood that matches the hardwoods in the family room. And beautifully handcrafted posts at the top and bottom of the banisters. Hickory Handy Man killed this project. I’m allowed to brag about my dad’s awesome little business all the time on here because he is awesome.

Oh and we all knew that Augie doggie approved of the new stairs when she reclaimed her place as queen of the stairs…scroll down…you’ll see what I’m saying!!

Personal- Life Update

So most of you know already know the life update and our big new because you got here through a social media post but just in case you missed it…

We are having a baby!!

Andrew and I have been keeping a secret from all of our sweet clients, most of our friends, some family, and heck most of the world. And our secret keeping skills have gotten really good.

You see our journey to Baby Maigur did not go the way we planned, like at all. Our skills have been honed through 18 months of keeping our pain, our constant medical testing, praying and pleading before the throne of grace for a miracle. And we have waited longer than normal to share the big news with everyone for several reasons. First to really enjoy it ourselves. Second, so we could enjoy seeing friends and family reactions in person. And thirdly, because we have been trying to come up with the right words to say, the right way to handle this. This is the most exciting moment in our lives up to this point, but we also know what it is like to be in the depths of the struggle. To know what it feels like to see another baby announcement online and still not be expecting yourself. So our prayers go out to all of you who are still in the trenches, still pleading, still trying to figure out how to keep going. And know this, we feel you. We are HERE for you! Your brokenness, your struggles, your times when you just need to cry are 100% understood here.

We also believe that our stories aren’t our own. We are part of God’s story. And our story is part of his grand plan. So we hope our story of deep struggle turning into our deepest joy will encourage you in some way.

Our baby journey might not have gone the way we planned, but God’s plans are ALWAYS better then ours could have ever been.

Yes, you did read that right, our journey to sweet little baby Maigur started 18 months before we got the answer to our biggest prayer!!

It all started sitting at the dinner table. We started planning and dreaming about bringing little ones into our family. With my job and having to book weddings 6 to 18 months in advance, having a game plan for birthing a child in the midst of it seemed of the utmost importance. Andrew’s regular job is tasking and exhausting too, planning was a big deal!! So our plan in May of 2017 was hatched. We thought of how many weddings I could handle in a year, when I would need to start to say no to sweet brides and grooms, how to work around family and personal vacations on our schedule, what would life look like with Andrew’s job, and oh so much.

But a month in we noticed that things weren’t going to happen the way we had it all planned out. We thought we had made it happen that first month, but 3 failed tests broke our hearts. And more than that it made us ask the question, what is going on? No baby but no cycle either (sorry any guys that reading, but that is the truth of the matter!!) Dr. Andrew immediately¬†jumped into action trying to answer the questions and encouraging me to get in to see my GYN. That isn’t an easy task and about a month later we had an appointment to start to figure out what was going on.

You guys, I don’t think I have ever said this about a doctor (except the incredible Dr. Andrew Maigur that I get to walk through life with), before but we got majorly blessed by my OB/GYN. She was so thoughtful, careful and patient with us. She answered every question, did all the tests she could think of and pointed us into the direction of a great fertility specialist!

It was beyond incredible to catch things and start with a specialist that quickly. I know not everyone that walks this road is that blessed. Looking back on those days we can see the blessing, but at the moment that is the last thing you see or feel. I remember the feelings of less than human, less than a woman. Like I was already failing as my job as the mother to our children because I couldn’t do or be what I was supposed to be. We remember those feelings of hopelessness. Those thoughts that there would never be a sunny day again through all the rain clouds. We remember the questions of, why us? Why now? What about our plan? What is God’s timing and plan?? We remember crying through most songs at church, we remember putting on a smile and pretending like we were fine but we were the farther from fine we have ever been in our lives.

The next step was sitting in the specialist office. It was in mid-November of 2017 and it was the longest doctor’s appointment ever! If memory serves me right it was like 2 plus hours of talking and learning about your body and making lists of all the blood tests we needed. After we left that appointment, the realness of what was in front of us truly hit us. Little did we know that waiting would be the biggest part of our story. Every time we went into that office we expected answers, we expected the next step to take place, and what we got in return was more waiting. A month would go by in between appointments.

Finally, it was time to take action. Finally, it was time for treatment to start. To make a long story short, after a week of medications and level checks, and then another week of waiting and dreaming…it didn’t work!! What a heartbreaker that one was.

The thing that no one can prepare you for is the heartbreak. You let your head dream, you dream up what it’ll be like to hear them say “you’re pregnant”, how you are going to tell your spouse, how you are going to tell family and friends, how you will decorate the baby nursery, what name you will give him or her…you dream of these things. You plan, you open your heart. And then you get the worst call. That it didn’t work. It hurts like nothing you have ever felt before. One of our close and dear friends said it best, that bad and hard days are more a part of the infertility process that anyone on the outside would ever know. And that they hurt so much more deeply than any typical “bad day”!

Let’s fast forward past another failed try in April, to the summer of 2018. Around the end of June. After weeks of trying to get in touch with the doctor’s office to schedule a new appointment, finally an answer. But not the answer that was expected. The other end of the phone was speaking but none of it made any sense. They were saying that the doctor was leaving the practice and heck leaving the country! We were completely taken back, it didn’t make any sense. Why would we go this far just to have the door slammed in our faces?? It felt like a HUGE step in the wrong direction. I remember crying out to the Lord through tears, asking where He was, why was this happening, what do we do now and oh so many other things. Nothing about it made any sense.

But his ways are so much higher and better than our ways.

We started at another fertility practice at the beginning of August! And Y’all, sometimes you can just see the Lord has a better plan. This is one of those moments. This practice was like a night and day difference from where we had come from. You got answers to your questions right away, a whole system in place for making appointments, so much more efficient. We could see that the Lord had led us to this place for a reason, just after one visit.

In the midst of all these medical appointments and moments of waiting for them, the only thing that sustained us was the Lord. He would speak to us through so many different means, from songs to Bible passages, to his people, to sermons on Sunday morning at church.


Through the ups and downs of emotions, an almost supernatural peace flooded my heart and mind when I knelt before Him in prayer, although I did not hear a very clear answer, do we keep trying procedure after procedure, do we adopt, Lord just given me an answer……..but each time I walked away knowing that our creator God was at work in our lives. Through the pain He brought me low so I could see Him clearly and worship Him in the midst of the uncertainty, His Grace is truly sufficient for every moment of our lives, He taught me to say and mean it when I did “Lord even if we never have our own children, I will still praise you and glorify you.”

And then the answer came, I knew we were going to get results of the blood test that evening, I was at work distracted, but suddenly I get a call from “Wifey”, her voice filled with glee and joy, she didn’t have to say anything I knew the Lord had performed a miracle, joy tears worship excitement and fear coursed through my veins…..I can only imagine what it felt like for Old Abraham and Sarah.

The Lord has just impressed on us a consciousness that there are so many couples out there silently bearing this burden, every Facebook-Instagram announcement can be a dagger to the heart, every careless question from family and friends can unknowingly create pain, but know this dear one the Lord is always with you no matter what state of mind or walk of faith, He cares, He walked this earth, He felt pain and anguish, He walks with you!!!

Fast forward to the week we had our 1st ultrasound scheduled at the doctor’s office, the night before we lost power due to an ice storm which displaced us to our in-law’s home, that evening I received a frantic call from my mom in India, in the middle of the night my dad unexpectedly passed away. A roller coaster of emotions and thoughts running through our minds the next day as we hear the heartbeat of the precious life gifted to us from above only to know my dad’s had ceased to beat a few hours ago and he was now in the presence of His maker. In the midst of grief, He gave us true joy, He orchestrates our lives, He is a good God!!!!!