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August 2, 2017

After I Do: Monica and Drew

Dayton Ohio The Honey Farm Anniversary Photographer

You guys, you GUYS, YOU GUYS!!!

This post, this thought, this new venture has been on my heart for a really long time. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy!

As most of you know, I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 3 years. We were madly in love on September 26, 2014, when we got married. Like I didn’t know that you could love a person so much until I met him. Lord knit our hearts together way before that day. But that’s the funny thing. After the wedding day, your love grows and changes. It grows stronger for sure, but it’s a much different. You get to know your spouse in a new and different way when you share not just life but also space together. You see them when they get up in the morning looking all kinds of rough (or is that just me….I mean I’m a mess when I get up in the morning! God bless my husband!), you smell when they burn dinner, you listen to the good and the bad about their day, you have to share the space in the bathroom….it’s more than just dates, dinners and romance. Don’t get me wrong that’s still there, but marriage is SOOOO much more than that. It’s actually indescribable. But the other thing is that marriage is different for every couple…just like every person is different, so is every marriage. Each wife has a different role, each husband a different way of encouraging, each couple different ways of sharing their love. I have grown up with a seriously awesome legacy of marriage. My sweet parents have been married for almost 30 years and just last year we celebrated my amazing grandparents 55th wedding anniversary. Not to mention that my dad’s parents were married for 50 plus years before they both went to be with the Lord. Marriage isn’t an easy undertaking but you guys…it’s totally worth it!!

That leads me to my big exciting announcement for today. I want to help you celebrate your growing and changing love.

Every year since we got married, my husband and I get new pictures taken around our anniversary. We love to see not only how we change physically but how the interaction between us changes, how we grow closer and more genuine.

So I am now offering ANNIVERSARY sessions. If you were one of my brides and groom or you weren’t, I want to tell your ever growing and changing love story. Your journey just begins on your wedding day and for most couples that is the last time you will get professional pictures taken. You can get all dressed up with hair, makeup, flowers and fancy outfits or you can do the more casual everyday look or heck EVEN BOTH!!

That leads me to this sweet couple!!!

Monica is a sweet friend of mine and also a fellow (and AMAZING) photographer. She and Drew are literally the cutest things ever!! They met in college and got married one month after graduating with their undergrad degrees. (heart melted into a tiny little puddle already!!) They recently celebrated their first anniversary at the beginning of June.  When I pitched the idea to her about an anniversary session she leaped at the idea and then they went and just crushed this session!!

The way Drew looks at Monica!! The way he encourages her! The way Monica laughs with Drew! The way they walk through life and not to mention starting a thriving photography business together!  The way they share the duties and tasks of life! The way they play to strengths of each person and let those shine through!! The way they honor and serve the Lord with their marriage! Y’all….I left The Honey Farm on Saturday morning with a heart full of love and joy that just exploded out of them!!

And you know what…they left feeling just as encouraged. After the session I got this sweet message, “That was literally so encouraging & we are so thankful that you guys gave up your morning for us! Drew said ‘it felt like we finally got to have some us time. We didn’t have to think or do anything. I’m glad we did this.'”  Now, I don’t say that to say that I’m so awesome or anything like that, I say that taking the time for pictures, taking the time to just be together is so valuable!! Not to mention you are left with images to remember your life at one year married, 5 years married or heck even 55 years married. Be on the lookout for more anniversary and celebrating your marriage sessions!


Vendor shout outs-

Venue- The Honey Farm

Sofa- Lost and Found Vintage Rentals

Flowers- Poppy Faye Floral

Hair and Makeup- Erin Johnson


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