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August 3, 2017

The Engagement: Sammie and Ben

The Ohio State University Engagement Photographer

Oh my goodness! Those are the only words I have to describe these two!!

These college sweethearts are delightful together. Like yikes, adorable!! The way they love each other just pours out of them. The giggles, the smiles, the sweet kisses, the jokes, the little moments they share…you can just see and feel the love between the two of them. I spent a wonderful sunshiny Sunday strolling around The Ohio State University campus (where they met) with them. There were so many places we had to go visit because it met something to them and I just loved that we could take their engagement pictures were they met and even got engaged.

Sammi and Ben met at the beginning of their college careers. And by beginning, I mean the BEGINNING. They met on the very first day on campus freshman year. A chance meeting of Sammie’s roommate and Ben that first day led to these two cuties meeting later that night. And the rest is history. (that story literally gives me all the heart eye emojis!!) All through undergrad as well as going to different professional schools, they have stood the test of time and distance. Sammie is in her 5th year of medical school in Ohio and Ben just finished law school in Maryland.

A visit back to Columbus earlier this year was the perfect time for Ben to pop question back where it all began…on campus. So even though it was freezing and raining, he popped the question in front of the most gorgeous library on campus!!

I can’t wait to see the bright future they have ahead of them as well as their lovely wedding next May.


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