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August 23, 2017

Wedding Wednesday- Wedding Timeline Tips | Dayton Ohio Wedding Photographer

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday again!! I hope everyone had a wonderful sunshiny weekend…safely saw the solar eclipse. This girl for sure watched it on tv!! This weather though…like why did August’s heat and humidity need to come back?! I was totally fine with the slower temperatures we were enjoying there a couple weeks ago!!

Getting back on¬†track. ūüôā Today is Wednesday. Which means it’s Wedding Wednesday!!!¬†And today’s topic is….. “wedding day timelines”.¬†It isn’t super exciting…but SUPER necessary and will make your day flow so much better if you nail this part of the planning process. Most photographers¬†(especially this one), will help you come up with a photography timeline for the day. These tips will help with that process or assist you to¬†do it yourself ūüôā

1.) Plan for the “LIGHT”

This one actually has several¬†applications. The first,¬†if you’re having an outdoor ceremony, plan your¬†start time around the light. You’ll love that you can actually look into your love’s eyes fully without squinting and I don’t capture¬†you squinting in your pictures. If you love evening light, plan your ceremony when the sun is setting (talk to your photographer about how best to pull this one off). Another application would be to plan your portrait time around the light. We can make full sun work, but if you can, try to plan around it when the sun is going down a little bit. Thirdly think about temperature. If you are again, planning an outdoor ceremony in the summer especially, consider how¬†hot the temperature¬†will be for your ceremony/portrait time when deciding¬†your¬†start time.¬†

2.) Give yourself time to get ready

This one is hard to think about, but give yourself and your attendants enough time to get ready. This means more than hair and makeup for the ladies. It includes time to get dresses,¬†shoes, and jewelry on. And gentlemen it will take you longer than you think to get dressed. Remember it isn’t just jeans and polo shirt you are throwing on. It’s a full suit or at least a vest and a tie you have to figure out how to knot if you’re not already a pro at it. That will take you more¬†time than you think (trust me ). So, schedule some extra time to get ready.¬†

3.) Allow time for people to be late

It’s inevitable that someone (if not multiple someones) will be late. They may¬†hit traffic on the way, they might¬†oversleep, get lost, or just running late!! So allow time in your timeline for people to be late. Whether it’s your attendants or your guests. The way to deal with this,¬†add extra buffer time in your getting ready timeline for late-comers and plan on starting your ceremony a few minutes late to allow for¬†guests to be late. (it goes against my grain too, but trust me you’ll be¬†happier that all your guests were¬†there!)

4.) Listen to your photographer

If your photographer wants to help you plan your timeline for the day (and this one LOVES to help do that), listen to him/her (ME!!!) When your photographer is working throughout the day and says it’s time to move on or that you have enough time for certain things, LISTEN. Your wedding photographer does this for a living, it isn’t a hobby, it is their life¬†and they know what they are talking about.¬†

5.) Allow time to get the pictures you want

Decide what is important to you (picture wise) and plan for those. If family pictures are super important to you, give extra time for those (they will take more time than you think if you have a large family or even just want lots of different groups). If pictures with your attendants are important to you, then give more time for that. But I have to implore EVERYONE to give your photographer enough time with just the two of you. If you go for traditional or first look, make sure you have time to get pictures of just the two of you. Even if you aren’t super picture happy it does give you extra¬†time to just be together!!


This one is just in general throughout your wedding day, RELAX!! Enjoy all the moments. If your run behind schedule (and more then likely you will), just relax! It will all work out fine!

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