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September 20, 2017

The Big Day: Ashley and Jay | Lake Lyndsay Wedding

Oh, fall! It’s my favorite time of year. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, the sunsets are full of golden tones…everything is just beautiful and lovely and all of those pretty adjectives!! It makes this Ohio girl’s heart so happy. Except this year it seems fall has come upon us WAAAAYYY too fast. I am totally ok with it as long as winter stays far away!!

But fall also means it’s time for fall weddings. And the first one for me was with the adorable and lovely and sweet and precious and kind Ashely and Jay!! The first time I met Ashley and her sweet sister for coffee and wedding talk, we just clicked. And I knew that Ashley was an All My Heart bride. I vividly remember her telling me all about Jay! The smile on Ashley’s face…you couldn’t erase it!

Fast forward to their engagement session (well sessions….we might have gotten stuck in a rainSTORM!! Like picture flogging down the rain and a 1/2 mile walking back to the cars and your jeans being so wet, you have to ring the water out of them!!) and you could just see the love these two share. The looks between them, the soft handholds, the sweet kisses (when they weren’t even told to) and so much more. The heart Ashley and Jay have for not only each other but for other people….it truly is inspiring to me.

Fast forward again to their wedding on Saturday! The venue was just overflowing with joy, laughter, happy tears and indescribable amounts of fun. From bridal party fun to the guests…everyone at this wedding had a great time. One of my favorite moments of the day was Ashley and Jay’s first look. Jay was so nervous. He was so excited to see Ashley. When it was time to see her, you could just see the joy all over his face. When he turned around to the love of his life…the smile that was on his face was one of the biggest I have ever seen!! He wrapped her up into the world’s biggest, longest, and sweetest hug!! When I turned around, all of the bridal party and both of their moms were watching from the windows and let’s just say there weren’t enough tissues to be passed around.

Ashley and Jay, I hope you guys have a wonderful honeymoon!! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!!

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