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October 25, 2017

Wedding Wednesday- Planning Tips

Hello, my lovelies!

Oh, my goodness is fall upon us in a big way. From being insanely busy to the gorgeous tree colors that have popped in the last couple days to this super cold weather to craving all things chili, apple cider and salted caramel (are those last ones just me?!?), tis fall Y’ALL!!

With fall comes fall weddings and apparently (at least for me this year) lots of wedding inquiries which must mean one thing….lots of wedding planning!!!!

So for this wedding Wednesday, let’s talk wedding planning tips. Here goes nothing from this wedding expert (just kidding but I did plan one and do attend quite a few a year!!)

1.) Prioritize!  

Pick what is important to you and do those things first (budget wise). So if your venue is really important to you splurge away on it…if you really care about flowers, go crazy with your florist!! If you are a music lover, splurge on the DJ or even a band. 

If you want my advice here, splurge on 3 things….flowers, bridal gown, and photographer (but if I didn’t say that you would be worried about me!!) These might seem like a crazy list but hear me out. Flowers can make your wedding day look more luxurious. They make a color statement for you. They are in most photographs. All of this is true of the bridal gown as well!! It’s the only time you get to wear a pretty white dress! And photographer. Well, I am one so of course, I think you should splurge here (just kidding). The photographs of your day, are the only things that are left when the dust settles and the day is over. The cake will be eaten, the dancing will be over, the flowers will die (sad tears here) and you won’t be able to wear that dress again! Good photographs will help you remember the day, all the details, all the smiles, all the family and friends who celebrated with you and the day you became one with your best friend forever!!

2.) Get the vendors you want!

This one sorta goes with the last one but is different at the same time (I need more coffee ;)!!) What I mean is, get your vendors who can only do one event per day first…like photographer, videographer, venue, band, DJ.

 3.) You don’t have to do everything

You don’t have to do everything. You don’t have to DO EVERYTHING!! Just keep repeating that little phrase over and over with me. You don’t have to do everything for your wedding day. And this has 2 applications. The first would be, you physically don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegate things out for friends and family. Have mom handle the RSVPs or order some things. Give your MOH the task of buying some things for you or mail things out or finalize things. Have your fiancé email, make phone calls etc. You don’t have to do everything. The second application would be you don’t have to do everything that Pinterest says you NEED for your day to be awesome. Your day will be awesome no matter what you do. So walk away from the Pinterest boards and do what you want to do!!!

4.) Make your day reflect Y-O-U!

It’s your wedding day…so make it look and feel like you. If you aren’t dressed up suit and tie people, don’t wear a dressed up suit and tie. Put the groomsmen and groom in jeans and vests, or even dress pants and shirts. If you don’t love cake, have a pie, or ice cream or donuts!! If you don’t like the idea of getting married in a church, get married outside or at a cool venue. You get my point…make YOUR wedding day, reflect YOU!! 

5.) It’s ok to say no!

Just say no, has new meaning here.

It’s ok to say no to things, people, ideas, vendors who don’t fit with you, family members…you name it! It’s ok to say no to things that you can’t do, that you can’t afford, or heck, that you don’t want!! 

6.) Relax and enjoy!!

Enjoy the moments. Relax and laugh. You can’t get this time in your life back. You will honestly blink and the “fiancé phase” will be over and you’ll be sitting on the couch with your husband/wife drinking coffee (can you see a theme here….I might love coffee!!).

Enjoy the little moments!!

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