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November 1, 2017

 Wedding Wednesday- Traditional vs. First Look

 It’s Wednesday!!  You know what that means…it’s wedding Wednesday. 

When it comes to wedding day and wedding portraits will be traditional or the ever so popular first look. Today we will take a look at some pros for both options to help you make the best decision for your wedding day.

Up first is team first look–

1. More time together.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you see each other earlier in the day before your ceremony, you will have more time to spend together throughout the day.

2. Imitate time to see each other for the first time.

Your first time to see each other on your wedding day will be something that just the two of you (and your photographer and videographer) share. It can be in whatever pretty location you want and just a moment you can remember forever. 

3. More relaxed throughout the day.

When you are together all day, it is a more relaxed day to get all of your pictures taken. We can just flow from one thing to next without worrying about who might be around the corner or where we can’t go. Plus you are with your best friend, so your just more relaxed because the nervousness and anticipation are gone. 

4. Faster turn around to the reception.

After your wedding ceremony is over, the only pictures that will be left to take are your family pictures. So you won’t need as much time after your ceremony before you reception can start.

5. Can join in on cocktail hour.

Since most of your pictures are done, you can even join in at cocktail hour and have a drink or appetizer with your guests. 

And now let’s look at some pros for team traditional–

1.  More special first look moment.

Your first look moment will be more dramatic. You have been waiting more time in the day…he sees you at the end of the aisle…all of your family and friends are watching. He gets to watch you walk closer and closer to him. It’s a longer moment because you have walk all the way to him. 

2. Guests get to be a part of your first look.

When you have your first look moment at your ceremony, all of your guests get to take part in your moment as well. 

3. More sleep.

This one is right up my alley!! (This photographer LOVES sleep). If you decide to go the traditional route, you will have less things to do (photo wise) before your ceremony begins, you could potentially get more sleep that day….that is if you can sleep!!

4. Wedding pictures where you’re wearing your wedding rings.

You have spent all this time, energy and money picking out the perfect wedding and engagement rings…with the traditional route, you can show them off in your wedding pictures. 

5. More pristine attire for your ceremony.

If your crazy photographer doesn’t have you out in the middle of a field or on a bridge or who knows where else taking pictures before your ceremony, your dress and his suit will be cleaner for your ceremony.


Now that you have read the pros for both routes for your wedding day, which will you choose?!? If you are still sitting on the fence and can’t decide, I would love to talk to you more about it and help you make the best decision for your special day. It is all about you anyway. 


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