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November 8, 2017

The Big Day: Danielle and Scott

Tipp City Late Fall Willow Tree Wedding

What do I say about Danielle and Scott!?!?

These two.

They are the sweetest, most kind, caring, compassionate, Godly people!!

And their wedding day..it leaves me speechless! Well almost speechless (those of you know me, know I’m never truly speechless. :)!) But I am getting a little ahead of myself here. Let’s go back to the beginning before we talk about this GORGEOUS day!!

Danielle and Scott. They have hard stories. They have walked through some tough and unbearable times in life. But God is good and He gives good gifts to His children. After much prayer and trusting in the Lord’s timing, he brought these two souls together. The Lord uses whatever means it takes to make his will happen. In this case, he used an online dating site to bring together a girl from Cincinnati and a boy living in Tipp City together. This teacher and pilot clicked from the beginning.

When it was time for Scott to pop the question to Danielle…man oh man did he do it in style!!! It was time to fly a plane from his company down to Flordia in an attempt to try to sell it. He brought Danielle along so they could enjoy a day at the beach while a buyer looked over the plane. Well, while the other pilot was flying, Scott left the cockpit, came back to surprise Danielle. He got down on one knee and popped the question somewhere over Kentucky!! I mean seriously?!?! After they landed in Florida, they were greeted with warm hugs and a celebration from the buyer as well as a day at the beach! I don’t think it could get much better.

But it does!

From the time I arrived to work with the guys at the airplane hanger (oh yea you read that right. We did the guys’ pictures at the airplane hanger for Scott’s company!!) and then at the Willow Tree, the joy just OVERFLOWED. The energy in the getting ready spaces, the barn, the tent was just so full of love and laughter and Jesus!! Everyone came together to witness and celebrate this blessed union  . The ceremony was moved into the barn because of the rain, but that didn’t stop the joy from shining like the sun. When Danielle walked down the aisle, the smile on Scott’s face was…PRICELESS!!! Danielle’s eyes were full of tears of joy as she walked closer and closer to Scott. Her dad, full of joy as he hugged them both. From the time of worship to the exchanging of vows and rings, to becoming man and wife, it was just full of love….love for each other and for the Lord!!

During our portrait time, guess what happened?!?! It STOPPED raining!! It was simply magical. But even when it was raining, Danielle and Scott didn’t let it get them down. Danielle even said she was glad it was raining. She called it romantic! And I couldn’t agree more. It was! It was romantic to watch these two take the thunderstorm in their stride, to watch them dance their first dance in the pond of a dance floor, and watch them encourage others to join in the fun of the day!

Danielle and Scott, thanks so much for allowing Andrew and I the honor of celebrating with you. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does for you two next. Praising Him with you!!


  1. Judy Browning says:

    Such a beautiful wedding. May the love of God grow strong in your marriage. May you have many days ahead together.

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