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January 24, 2018

Wedding Wednesday- What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Hello, lovelies!!! Happiest of Wednesdays to you. I have taken a very unintentional break from my Wedding Wednesday breaks. Life, wedding season last year, website redesigns and so much more just made sitting and writing blog posts at the end of the list of things. Anyway, today we fix this. Since we are at the height of engagement season and everyone is busy wedding planning, I thought it would be a good time to make a comeback.

Today’s topic…what to wear to your engagement session. I know it’s winter and you probably won’t be having your engagement session in the winter, keep this little guy in your back pocket and pull out for a sunshiny day so you can plan your outfits like a pro without all the headaches and without making a GIANT mess in your bedroom trying on everything you might own!!

So here we go. Here are my top 10 tips for picking out what to wear for your engagement session-

1.) 2 outfits. I know what you are thinking…Sarah, it’s so hard to pick one outfit and you are telling us to pick 2?!? I know, I know but this will honestly make it easier in the long run. Instead of trying to narrow your whole wardrobe down to one thing or trying to show your love for blue dresses and blue jeans in outfit….wear two. Bonus, photographers love the change of pace with a second outfit choice.

Pick one outfit that is…

…more dressy or fancier.

And then one that is more casual.

2.) Coordinate. Not matching.

Your dress and his shirt don’t have to be the exact same shade of blue, they don’t even need to be blue. Look at Emily and Jake below. She coordinated her grey dress and blue necklace with Jake’s blue shirt. Even if you wanted to both wear blue, they don’t HAVE to be the exact same shade. Colors that go together but doesn’t perfectly match work perfectly!!!

3.) Be equal in your fanciness.

You’re wearing a lace dress and heels….but he has on jeans and sneakers. That just doesn’t feel right. If you are in your Sunday bests (or more like you going out on the town for a nice dinner), he should be in his Sunday bests too. So back to our same outfit thoughts..you’re in your lace dress, pearls, heels…now to be equal in fanciness…he could stick with the jeans (dark or black would work) but a dress shirt, blazer, dress shoes…maybe a tie!! Now you two are equal! 🙂


4.) Match your colors with your wedding colors, a fun optional touch!!

Your wedding colors are navy and blush, you want your save the dates to match your wedding colors, so why not wear navy and blush. These two cuties below…their wedding colors were, you guessed it blush and gray. She used the engagement pictures for the programs and they looked so amazing because everything matched so well!! Not a needed touch but for sure fun!

5.) Don’t overthink it!

Enough said! Don’t think about things too hard. A simple solid-colored t-shirt can be the perfect thing. A simple shirt and jeans…perfect outfit. Don’t make things more complicated then they need to be.


6.) Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Wear something just feels just like you.

Show your personality!! Feel like yourself.

7.) Patterns ok…just mix them with neutrals.

I LOVE a pattern. You should see my closet or heck even my house…it is FULL of patterns. They have sooooo much personality. But be careful mixing patterns. The same way you mix patterns when you’re decorating you should think when it comes to matching with a pattern for pictures. If you are wearing a patterned dress like this adorable blonde Paige, put your fiance in a solid neutral. It gives your eyes (and mine) someplace to rest. Plus too much pattern is well just too much pattern. Another tip with pattern, bigger patterns photograph a little bit better than smaller ones!! Just something else to keep in mind.

8.) Bigger plaid= BETTER Plaid

I think bigger plaid photographs just a tiny bit better than smaller plaid. And since plaid is so big right now, just something to keep in mind. The small little plaid sometimes photographs funny you can’t really tell that it’s plaid..it reads more busy than anything else.

9.) Accessorize! Accessorize!!

This is a great way to coordinate with your mate!! With accessories. Use a scarf, necklace, jacket, hat to pull all the colors together. Or this could be a good moment to show your personality with the accessories!! I am known as the scarf girl in my family and friends group…so you know I’ll have a scarf on. But if you love hats or statement necklaces…this is your time to shine and wear those!!

10.) Flattering to your skin tone.  Flattering to your body type.

Everyone knows what colors are on their color wheel and what shapes fit them the best. Make sure to keep these things in mind as well. Engagement pictures are the time to try a new style of shirt or dress that might not flatter your figure. We want to make sure that you look and feel your best. This is one of the ways that we do that.


Make use of the season.

Fall- boots, and scarves to give it that added fall touch.

Springtime- nice transition pieces in bright springy colors.

Winter- bust out that jacket and warm comfy sweater!!

Summertime- summer dresses, sandals, t-shirts and summer hats.

And here are some tips for something that you want to keep in mind to not wear-

  • bright white matching shirts and khakis
  • tops with big logos and lots of writing
  • shirts with short hemlines
  • super short skirts
  • exact matching outfits

I hope this helps make picking out outfits for not just your engagement session but any photo session a little easier!! I can’t wait to see how amazing you look!!

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