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November 15, 2017

Wedding Wednesday- Bridal Suite Advice

Dayton Ohio Wedding Photographer

Happy Wednesday all!! I hope you are staying warm and maybe are finally caught up on sleep from the time last weekend. I know I am still a little off and so is the sweet dog. She honestly starts begging for dinner like clockwork at 4…sorry Augie Doggie, you have to wait a whole hour baby girl!!  

Another Wednesday means another installment of my Wedding Wednesday blog series. This week we are talking about bridal suite tips! This doesn’t seem like something to think or worry about but, your photographer wants you to think about these things when picking a place to get ready for your big day!! I (or your photographer) will be there to document joyful moments with family and friends, and there are just a couple tips to help make sure you get the best photographs of this part of your day.

1.) Make sure there is good natural light.

Oh, natural light. It’s everyone’s best friend. Your hair and makeup (if you get them to come to your location) will love you for good natural light as well. Natural light is the most beautiful for your skin and hair…this is why we go outside for pictures when we can, it’s why salons have so many windows, it’s why I suggest your getting ready space has a good natural light source. 

2.) Try to find some blank walls.

Blank walls. Plain walls. Not walls that are covered in photographs or painted up with clouds and rainbows (I’m looking at your church nurseries). Think less is more with wall decor. It doesn’t have to be the whole room, but if there is someplace like that, you will enjoy your photographs a little bit more if you can just focus on the subject and not be distracted by the walls.

3.) Find some space to move around and breathe.

Just think about this for a second, say you have 6 bridesmaids, your mom, your mother-in-law and your self-trying to all get hair, makeup, dresses, shoes, jewelry on at the same time. Try (if you can) to get a bridal suite that same some space to move. Maybe has more than one set of mirrors so 8 people aren’t fighting for the same mirror. My other thought here is for a very selfish reason….the bigger the space, the more for me to walk around and get creative with your getting ready pictures. 

4.) Try your hardest to keep it all cleaned up.

This one is SOOOO hard but also so very important. It’s a common thing for the getting ready space to be so full of stuff. Everyone is bringing bags of STUFF (I honestly have no idea what is in half of those giant bags ladies!!) and dresses and shoes, there are survival kits, food, drinks, curling irons, hairspray and who knows what else all over the place ;)!! So…when it’s time to get the bride ready, try to clean up a little bit. Put your hairspray and makeup back in the bag, move the food to one place. 

5.) Make sure you have a full-length mirror!!

Girls, girls, girls!!! You are going to want to see your whole self, in the dress, with the hair and the shoes and the makeup and all of it!! So if the venue doesn’t have a mirror, grab the one out of your bedroom and get ready to look beautiful!!

No matter the space, no matter the size, no matter the light, no matter any of it, you are getting married!! So smile, breathe, soak the day in and keep your eyes on the getting married prize!!

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