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March 12, 2018

Bedroom Rehab | Personal Off Season Project

Winter isn’t an easy time when you’re a photographer. It isn’t all flowers, shiny rings and sun-soaked landspaces with a couple in love. The winter is a time for rest, for re-charging yourself and your business and working on things you can’t get to during the busy season. For me, that means using my creative-ness for other things. During the spring, summer, and fall, the creative side of my brain can get a little tapped out and overused. Just working on work makes it so you don’t want to update around the house, make art for family and friends, update that website with a fresh and new feel. So all of that gets put on hold until the winter.

For me this winter that means updating the house! If you have been around here at all, you already know that when I was little (or younger then I am now) and even into college I wanted to be an interior designer!. But the Lord in all his goodness changed my path and filled me with a love, passion, and gift for photographing. But my brain full of interior design passion and knowledge still lives on. I joke that in another career, I want to be the Joanna Gaines of Ohio. So, of course, my house has to look like hers.

First up on the agenda was our bedroom. It wasn’t a great feat (I actually got it accomplished in a couple of days!)

A new coat of paint, some new pillows, a new bedside table and a couple new accessories and our bedroom felt brand new. I love the way the new color makes all the decor, stand out as well as just give a polished and “grown-up” feel to a space that needed it so much. I mixed in pieces I picked up from Target and Magonila Market with pieces I found around the house to round everything out and make the room finally after 3.5 years feel put together and fully ours!!

Be on the lookout for what I work on next. I have lots of other rooms in the house on my list. The next one is the kitchen…we are talking things are picked out, a contractor has been contacted and we are just waiting to start the work. I’ll report back soon. In the meantime, say a prayer that I prep enough freezer meals for us to survive without a kitchen for 4-6 weeks.

Love and hugs,


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