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March 21, 2018

Wedding Wednesday- Tips for Getting the Best Details Images

Dayton Ohio Wedding Photographer

Hello, my little lovelies!! How is it Wednesday again already?!?

In today’s edition of Wedding Wednesday we are talking all things pretty, bridal details! I know what you are thinking already…”Sarah, I don’t think we need a whole blog post to talk about some pictures of things we really don’t even care about.” But just hear me out for a moment. You might not care about the picture of your shoes, or your rings or your perfume right now, while you are in the throws of wedding planning. But believe this married lady, one day when the small details start to fade away you’re going to want to remember all the little details again. When its time to plan your daughter or son’s wedding and they ask you a question about something for your wedding, don’t you want to not only be able to answer them, but also give them photographic evidence of what you are talking about?

Oh, so you do think they are important now that I put it that way?! I’m so very, very glad we are on the same page now.

So here are my 5 tips for getting the most out of your bridal details.

1.) Have all your details together when the photographer arrives.

So the first place to start to have all your details together when you photographer (well me), arrives. This is will save everyone tons and tons time if everything is ready. No one will be running around like a chicken with their head cut off looking for things. Honestly, the best way to handle this is to give all of your details to your maid of honor, your mom, or just a trusted bridesmaid.

Here is a bonus tip (I know it’s early in the list for a bonus tip!!) Here is a list of the details that are great to photograph so you can remember these details forever.

  • dress
  • shoes
  • flower bouquet
  • rings
  • veil (or headpiece)
  • jewelry
  • invitation
  • program
  • perfume

2.) Wooden Hanger for dress

Whether you have a fancy wooden hanger with your new married name on or it’s just a plain wooden hanger, it’s a good idea to have a pretty hanger. It makes the picture of your dress look prettier then the plastic hanger your dress comes on from the bridal shop. (Here is a secret for ya, I always bring at least one hanger with me, so if you don’t have one, I can help!)

3.) Ask your florist for extra flowers for styling.

Most florists will have extra flowers when they make your flower arrangements. So ask them if you can have the extras for your photographer. Having extra flowers that match your wedding flowers and just the theme of your wedding, make styling your details so much easier for me and therefore, prettier for you!!! A happy photographer is a photographer is one with pretty flowers to play with (or is that just me and my deep love for flowers showing up again?!?)

4.) Think outside the box- remember the sentimental.

I am a big softy but I love the sentimental. So I’m going to encourage you to remember the sentimental when it comes to bridal details. If that means a brooch that was your great-grandmothers, a necklace that belonged to your grandma, a tie clip or handkerchief that was your grandpas, give it to me! You’ll be so happy to have a piece of family history in your day.

5.) Send your photographer an invite.

The invitation is the first appearance your guests have to your wedding, so to help make your wedding day smoother, send me an invitation, so I can be in charge of it on your wedding day. Oh and the bonus for me is that I love a good invitation suite!!


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