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March 28, 2018

Wedding Wednesday- Honeymooning and Travel Tips

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How in the world is it Wednesday again?!? I feel like the weeks are just flying by. This last week was a fun one for me. My husband and I took a last minute trip to Chicago for 3 days. If you follow along on Instagram you probably saw this already but…it was just the best time. We walked around and saw the sights, ate way too much food, slept in and saw Hamilton (my favorite part of the trip!!). Traveling is one of our favorite past times. It is so fun to see new places, cultures, experience new food, see more of the Lord’s creation and just enjoy time with the ones you love.

For my husband and I, our love for travel started on our honeymoon. We ventured to Greece for 10 days! Since then we have been all over the place. We have been to India twice, Hilton Head, South Carolina yearly, Florida, a cruise to the Caribean, Jamaica, New York City and Hawaii!! We have even more places on our travel bucket list!!

Today’s Wedding Wednesday blog is all about travel and very near and dear to this girl’s heart. I am sharing my top 8 tips for honeymooning and traveling (oh and I got some help from my amazing #allmyheartbrides!!)!

1.) Bring you camera…whatever you have.

This is a given for a photographer to say. But it is also a given in general. I am not saying that you need to go out an buy the fanciest, most expensive camera out there, but what I am saying is just make sure you bring something with you. Your camera phone will work just perfectly!! I just want to implore you to remember to take pictures throughout your trip. Oh and for extra credit points…make sure to take something more than a selfie. Try to find someone who can take an actual picture of you. 🙂

2.) Make sure you have a change of clothes in your carry on.

We all know that airlines aren’t perfect. They make mistakes. They can lose your luggage. It happens to the best of us (it might have happened to us in Hawaii!). Sometimes you can get your luggage back quickly and sometimes it went really far away from you and it can take awhile to get to you. So a way to combat this, make sure you have an entire change of clothes in your carry-on bag.

The other thought with carry-on bags is to only take a carry on bag. If you only have a carry-on, you won’t have to worry about losing your luggage. It will also save you some money along the way!

3.) Make a plan before you go but also be flexible.

If you’re planning to go to different cities and see different things, find out what you want to do there, pin everything on a map on Google and then select your hotel based on where your activities are most dense. It will save you so much time getting around (and money, too!). (this is another great tip from my amazing #allmyheartbrides).

We usually make a plan for our days or a plan of things we want to see or do within a certain city/town/state for the trip and go knowing we want to do all of these things. Once we get there things aren’t set in stone just yet so we can plan around weather, sales, busy days for certain things, etc. So make your plan but also be flexible!!

4.) Pack for varying weather

Oh, weather. You can make or break any trip. Who likes a trip to the beach where it rains the whole time? Or a trip to the Grand Canyon and your freezing!?! Well to fight this…I would pack for varying weather. On our honeymoon in the Greek Islands, it was insanely warm during the day and got pretty chilly in the evenings. I packed a pair of jeans and jacket but looking back I wish I would have been more prepared for weather changes. So learn from my mistake and be more prepared then I was. Oh and don’t forget an umbrella just in case ;)!

5.) Honeymoon Registry

Instead of the traditional wedding registry, there are several options for a honeymoon registry. If you have lots of the things to make a home and don’t really need all the traditional registry items like pots and pans and bath towels, you can set up a honeymoon registry where your guests can help you pay for your dream honeymoon. (this is a great tip from one of my #allmyheartbrides and I think it is a seriously awesome idea!!)

6.) Be mindful of budget

Plan out your budget. All-inclusive resorts are great but often the cost of getting to your destination can rival the cost of the entire trip! Just make sure to calculate for flights, rental cars, and/or gas. You can also save money by being wise while on your trip. If you go on a cruise, you could skip the shore excursions and find something on your own. If you go to a condo or house, eat breakfast or lunch or dinner in. If you fly don’t check a bag and just use carry-on’s to save on checked bag fees. But planning out your budget is a great way to start to stay in/under or near budget!

7.) Shop for the best deal for each part of your trip.

  • turn on private browsing. Seems silly but when you are shopping for flights, hotels, rental cars..turn on private browsing on your internet browser. Your computer and it’s cookies start to learn about your trip and remember, but also that causes the prices to rise for all of the things are you shopping for.
  • look into finding a direct flight- Drive to Chicago or Newark…then get on the flight to your final destination. (we did this for our last trip to India, we drove to Chicago and then got our flight to India!)
  • set up alerts for when prices are going down. On Kayak.com, you can set up price alerts, you will get emails or text alerts for when prices are going up or going down.

8.) Think outside the box.

Think outside of the cruise, the all-inclusive resort and try an Air BnB. One of my sweet brides says you can rent an entire private ISLAND via Air BnB. You will have a unique and private experience with your sweetheart when you think outside the box.

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