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May 16, 2018

Wedding Wednesday- Get the Most Out of Your Photographers Time

Well hello, lovelies!!

Happiest of Wednesdays to you all! I can’t believe it is May already. And this weather…GORGEOUS!! But it does feel like it went from winter to full-on summer in about a week and a half. This girl loves it but seems to get sweating just walking to the mailbox. Going to take me a while to feel normal again!!

May and springtime also means that….WEDDING season is UPON us!  I excited I am that it is in full swing. But it also means that these wedding Wednesday blogs will slow down to make way for wedding previews on Wednesdays. But until they are totally gone we can talk today.

Today I want to talk about getting the most out of your photographers time.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Photographers Time

1.) Get your details ready.

Capturing images of your details is super important. And I don’t get say this to you as a photographer but also as a former bride! The small little details tend to fade away. You might remember the color of your invites or the style of font you used, or the exact detail of the back of your bridal gown…that is where I come in. To make sure you get every image of every detail, it helps to have them all together and ready when your photographer arrives. Whether you keep a hold of them yourself or you delegate to your maid of honor or another bridesmaid, to saves sooooo much time if all the pretty things are together. Just to name a few that always photograph well and are great to have images of, rings, bridal gown, jewelry, invitation suite, veil, other dress details (think belt), flowers, shoes, and special mementos or heirlooms you are incorporating. (get creative too!!)

2.) Give your bridal party and family a copy of the timeline.

All of my brides get to sit down with me and come up with a timeline. We will come up with what time everyone needs to ready and what time people need to arrive at different places. After we finish, I will send over the final timeline to you. My best advice is to then pass it along to all the members of the bridal party as well as your family members. That way everyone knows what time they need to be ready and what time they need to be where. I promise it will save time as well as any annoyance for everyone.

3.) Buffer your schedule and be flexible.

When you and I sit down and make your wedding timeline, I will buffer in more time than we need for most things, just in case people are running behind, the walk somewhere takes longer in your dress than anyone thought…that sort of thing. The other way to help this to also add time when it comes to hair and makeup. Things always come up or take more time then anyone thought in the way of hair and makeup, but your hair and makeup artist should also help you with this. This will help to make the time, I (or your photographer) is at your wedding day, be used the best it can be!!

4.) Trust your photographer.

This is hard to explain. And heck not easy to implement either.

Trust your photographer.

Your photographer photographs weddings all the time. Trust him/her (me) when they say you have time to do something, when they say its time to be finished with something, when the timeline is off because something un-foreseen came up, trust that they can get ya back!!

5.) Have an engagement session.

This tip right here is how to get the most out of your portrait time with your photographer. If you have an engagement session, the directions that are given will become second nature. You have to think, “this is silly”, “is she serious?”, “this won’t look good” and won’t have to ask questions or I won’t have to explain things a couple of times. Things will just flow better because you will be awesome at all the instructions already!! You will not only get more portraits but we could do them in less time, so you can enjoy more time celebrating with family and friends!!

(oh and if I’m your photographer, this is included in your package for those very reasons listed above!!)

BONUS TIP- A wedding planner can be handy.

(if you have been around long enough, you know there is normally a bonus tip!!)

A wedding planner totally be more than handy! They can be a lifesaver, in more ways than one! But for today’s conversation, can help tons and tons when it comes to getting the most out of your photographers time. They can make sure things are flowing through all parts of the day. That things are getting set up and you don’t have to worry about it during portrait time, that your DJ knows what time start things, that they can help find missing family members, that they can answer questions vendors have so you don’t have to during pictures…the list goes on and on. Wedding planners are 100% worth the investment!!

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