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May 9, 2018

The Big Day- Kristen & Travis

Dayton Ohio Canopy Creek Farms Spring Wedding

Kristen and Travis are married!!!!

Oh, Saturday was a joy to photograph. I can’t believe Kristen and Travis are married!!! It was a day full of joy, laughter, fun and most of all lots of love.

Kristen and Travis met over 6 years ago at a concert of all places and got reconnected around 3 years after that. These two don’t let anything get in the way of their friendship, love, and commitment to each other. Not time, not distance, not circumstances not anything!! Travis is serving our country in the armed forces. These two haven’t been in the same state for very long. But that doesn’t stop them. They met and reconnected after some time, but that doesn’t stop them. I’m telling ya nothing is going to stop these two!!

Their Canopy Creek Farms wedding was beyond amazing. Upon arrival, Andrew and I were greeted with hugs and smiles and laughter from Kristen and the bridesmaids as they finished preparing the amazing reception space. When it was time to get Kristen ready, the bridesmaid surprised her with handwritten letters of how much they loved her and how excited they were for this day. Cue the waterworks from everyone in the room, including this softy. But the tears soon switched into joyful shoots when Kristen put on the most beautiful wedding gown.

Then it was time for about the sweetest first look anyone has ever seen. When Andrew and I went over get Travis, we were once again greeted with hugs and smiles from Travis and the groomsmen who had made the journey from all over the country and heck even the world to celebrate this adorable couples union. But I got off track…first look time. As we were walking to the location, Travis mentioned over and over again his excitement and even joked when I asked: “are you ready to see your girl?” with the reply, “I usually have to wait 9 months at a time for that!!” I’m telling you, these two!!! They hit me in the feels over and over again!

Their love, care, concern for each other and everyone else just overflowed throughout the whole day.

From the ceremony which Kristen’s uncle officiated, to the reception toasts…love and commitment are the words that ruled the day.

I can’t wait to see where life is going to lead these two next. For now, I’m going to be incredibly jealous of their honeymoon in Hawaii and will be cheering them on as they start their new lives together in Alaska!!

Love you both!!


Wedding day vendors-

Ceremony and Reception Venues- Canopy Creek Farms

Florist- The Flowerman

Bridal Gown- Lillian’s Bridal

Donuts- Bill’s Donut Shop

Catering- Scratch Event Catering

Band- The Menus

Hair and Makeup- Let’s Do Hair and Makeup

Invitations- Minted

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