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May 23, 2018

The Big Day- Sammie and Ben

Spring Athletic Club of Columbus Ohio Wedding

What do I say about Sammie and Ben!?!?

These two.

They are the sweetest, most caring, compassionate, SMART and thoughtful people!!

And their wedding day..it leaves me speechless! Well almost speechless (those of you know me, know I’m never truly speechless. :)!) But I am getting a little ahead of myself here. Let’s go back to the beginning before we talk about this GORGEOUS day!!

Sammie and Ben. They have a pretty amazing love story. These two have The Ohio State University and early move in to thank for finding each other. They literally met the first day possible on campus during their years at OSU. Living in the same dorm and finding each other through mutual friends… it’s the stuff of modern day fairy tales. After graduating from OSU a year early, Ben worked in the area so they could decide together where to go next. So when it was time to decide on a medical school for her and law school for him, the decision got tougher about where to go so they could be together. When nothing seemed to make sense, they made the hard decision to be a part!!

But, when it was time for Ben to pop the question to Sammie…man oh man!!! He, of course, had to go back to where it all started. Back on campus at The Ohio State University. Yes it was cold, yes it was raining/snowing, but it was time!! He got down on one knee and promised to be the Doctor’s companion for the rest of his days!!

Fast forward to this glorious Saturday in May!!

From the time I arrived at the Athletic Club of Columbus, I was greeted with smiles, joy, laughter, and hugs!! Every detail came together just perfectly. From the sweetest first look to the prayers of the ceremony to the laughter and tears of the wedding toasts, every part of the day was just perfect. As Sammie and her parents walked down the aisle to Ben, you couldn’t wipe the smiles off anyone’s face. Throughout the ceremony, the love continued to shine, love for each other, for family, for tradition and expectation for the future. As the reception began you could tell this was going to be an evening filled with fun but most of all love!! All of the toasts just overflowed with the love these two share as well as the care and compassion they both have everyone they come in contact with. I felt feeling overwhelmed with their love and sore cheeks from laughing all day.

Wishing you both a relaxing honeymoon before you new journey begins in Baltimore!!


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