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May 24, 2018

The Engagement- Rachelle and Owen

Slate Run Metro Park Spring Engagement Session

Oh, Rachelle and Owen!! These two are seriously the best.

And this session was just about perfect. The only way to have made it better would have been if it was a couple degrees cooler (am I right Owen?!)

After 2 rescheduled times, we finally made this session come to life and it was so worth the wait!!

I have known Rachelle for a while! We had the privilege of meeting while both running on the Capital University Track team. Funny enough, that is about the same time, she and Owen met. Owen was good friends with a roommate of Rachelle’s and they met when he would come to visit! But in actuality, he was really coming just to see her ;)!;)! (right Rachelle?!?!)

When it was time for Owen to pop the question, he went back to where it all started the place of their first date. You can just see the love these two share. I can’t wait for their big day in September!!

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