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July 6, 2018

Experiencing Hawaii- Resting and Relaxing

Oh, Hawaii! How you never disappoint us!! So just to catch everyone who hasn’t been around for very long….my husband and I went to Kauai for our second wedding anniversary. We went is 2016 we just FELL in love with the island, the culture, and the food.

So now that you are up to speed, it’s June of 2018 and we venture back to the island that stole our hearts 2 years before. To visit the island during a different time of year was interesting. Previously we went in the fall and this time in early summer. It was a bit more crowded with young families and the temperatures were maybe a little bit higher but otherwise, Kauai didn’t disappoint.

It was a wonderful mix of rest, adventure and just basking in the beauty of the Lord’s creation.

Here are some of the highlights-

  1. Kekaha Beach Park- it’s our favorite, long, quiet and sunshiney beach that is totally worth the long drive.
  2. Garden Island Chocolate- OH MY GOODNESS. This one was such a delight. We found it in a magazine in our condo. And it was BEYOND worth it. We learned so much, ate too much chocolate and left never thinking about chocolate the same way again.
  3. Various sights along the way- These include the Wailua Falls, Nawiliwili Harbor, the Spouting Horn and all the sights on the way down from the Kalalau Lookout.
  4. Sunset Dinner Cruise to the Napali Coast- (most of the pictures that follow are from this one) Just so much fun! So AMAZING see the creation of our Lord from a boat. We had a great time with the other passengers along for the ride too.
  5. Sunset views along the coast
  6. Way too many amazing dinners with my  loving and amazing husband

We will be back Hawaii!! You better believe it!!

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