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July 11, 2018

Design- Kitchen Renovation

Oh, my goodness Y’all! This blog post is a long time coming and I can’t believe I’m actually sitting down to write it!! And I say that for 2 reasons. The first being that spring house project has been done for about a month now and I am just getting around to writing about it. But secondly, because this project has been in my brain for YEARS!! I have been dreaming about changing the layout and the color scheme and these materials for a solid two years, it just took us that long to pull the trigger.

So without further ado, I present to you all…our NEW KITCHEN!!!!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the progress of this project throughout the months of April, May, and June! You saw the floors getting ripped out and laid down, you saw the cabinets go away, the walls get painted…and then you saw me stop posting. This girl wasn’t ignoring you all…I was just holding on to the images. I didn’t want to share just yet. I wanted to make it special and just ours for a little bit. But now is the time!

Here are a couple of before iPhone pictures. Before you will see wood cabinets, granite counters that were really busy, ceramic tile floors (they also can still be found in my basement and bathroom..one day they will all be gone), and a really boxed in layout. My problems with this kitchen design are more then it just not being my taste (which it wasn’t). I had 3 larger problems. 1.) the layout was really boxy. That peninsula made it feel really closed up and tight when we would entertain more than 3 people you felt like there wasn’t enough room. 2.) THE SINK! Whoever invented the sink we used to have, I want their name and phone number so I can call and complain!! It has one really large side and then one REALLY TINY side. It made doing dishes so much worse than dishes should be. 3.) The counter pattern. You could never see where dirt was living. So you would walk away thinking you did a marvelous job cleaning up only to sit your book or papers in yucks later.

The second reason for this project was purely, that this kitchen didn’t fit our taste anymore. So scroll down to see the after!!


In the after you see-

  • a more open floor plan. We took were the peninsula used to be a put in an ISLAND (a kitchen has been a dream of mine ever since I fell in love with interior design).
  • more kitchen and cabinet space. We used the space more effectively. In an area by the window that used to just be open, we added a section of cabinets to give the feeling of a larger space and giving us SO much more cabinet space.
  • light and bright cabinets! Bye, bye dark wood cabinets and hello to white and bright ones!! Our kitchen doesn’t get much natural light, so the white everywhere make the space feel SOOO much brighter even when the lights are off.
  • open shelves around the windows. I had been dreaming about those shelves for about a year…ever since I got hooked on Fixer Upper and the great Joanna Gaines put open shelves in all of her kitchens. Plus I thought they would make the space around the windows feel more open. And practically I am loving how easy it is to get dishes out/put dishes back. We went with the dark color to pull the darker floors in plus it’s a nice contrast with all the white and grey in the walls and cabinets.
  • a farm sink. Since the sink was one of my negatives about the old space. We can’t leave here without talking about it’s replacement! That beautiful split farmhouse style sink gives me all the heart eyes and makes washing the dishes a think of less awful-ness!
  • a wood vent hood about the range.
  • the same backsplash tile from before. The only thing from the old kitchen to stay!! We loved that tile so much it had to stay and even had to be added to!!!
  • an open feel when you walk through the front door. One thing you can’t see from the before pictures is the large half wall right when you come in the front door. It made the space feel very closed and tight when you walked in the front door. So to fix that problem we cut the length down by at least half of what it used to be.
  • shiplap!!! (all my farmhouse dreams came true!!)
  • a space for memories to be made for years to come. This the part I can’t wait to begin. Memories with family and friends for years and years to come. Like baking Christmas cookies on the island, washing dishes with family at that sink, enjoying breakfast and lunch with family at the table, and so many more.

A couple major shoot-outs that need to be made!!

Ben Mercer and R.P. Zimpfer Construction for making this come to life. If you are looking for a trustworthy and amazing contractor for your next home renovation or construction project, these are your guys!!

J.E. M Designs for the cabinets, counters, open shelves, and vent hood.

Floorco Flooring for those gorgeous floors.

Hickory Handyman | Woodworking for making my shiplap dreams come true. (Can I just brag on my daddy here?!? If you are looking for a handyman or you need something custom built, he is your guy!!)


Couple other things that people might have questions about-

Cabinet hardware is from Wayfair.

Front door mat is from Magnolia Market.

Rug at the front door is from Pottery Barn.

Kitchen table is from Houzz.

And anything else that might be questioned is probably from Home Goods or Target because they are my jam ;)!

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