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August 22, 2018

It’s Only the Beginning: Jillian

 Historic Downtown Tipp City Ohio Senior Portrait Session

Ok y’all!! So this session was a literal DREAM!! From the golden sunshine that came pouring out the sky to Jillian’s fun-loving spirit and infectious smile to her killer style and amazing locations, it was simply a dream. I could post every image from this session and no one would hate it ;)!

I am still slightly in shock that Jillian is a senior in high school already. I had the honor of not only photographing her older brother 3 years ago but the even bigger PRIVILEGE of COACHING this darling lady when she was but a wee middle schooler. I had Jillian on both my cross country and track teams when she was a 7th grader. She was so quiet back then until you got her talking and then Jillian could talk your ear off. I remember maybe a long run hearing about the day’s events or dreams about the future.

And now she is a senior.

Her fire, her personality and her zest for life haven’t changed a bit. Her laughter will light up just about any room, (or in this case field of flowers).

Jillian, I can’t wait to see where this year takes you. From cross country and track season and far beyond that. I will be here cheering you my friend!!! You better keep in touch with the old coach ;)!!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Sarah!! Jillian was so pleased with the pictures–you do such beautiful work. Thank you so much for making it a fun evening, it was great working with a such a talented friend. Thank you for making her senior pictures the beginning of a special school year. We think you really captured her joyful spirit.

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