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October 3, 2018

The Big Day- Samantha and Jared

Greenville Ohio fall navy and orange church wedding

Can we take a moment to talk about the fact that I blogged two times in one week?!?!

Ok moment over.

Now let’s talk about Samantha and Jared!! These two are the sweetest, most kind, caring, compassionate, Godly people!!

And their wedding day…it leaves me speechless and a couple tears short! Well almost speechless (those of you know me, know I’m never truly speechless. :)!).

From the time I arrived at the EUM Church in Greenville, the excitement and joy was rampant!! Samantha and her girls were so calm and collected as they finished getting ready, Jared and the boys chatting away about life as they prepped. My favorite moment before the ceremony was Samantha and Jared sharing a moment together without seeing each other around the corner. It was so sweet and personal and there wasn’t a dry eye!!

when Samantha and her dad walked down the aisle, the smile on Jared’s face was simply priceless!!

And the look on Jared’s face didn’t change for the rest of the day. From exchanging vows and rings to hearing passages from God’s word, he kept smiling from ear to ear and stealing glances at his lovely bride. The smile when he looked at her…it just made your heart melt. You could literally see the love flowing out of him for his new WIFE!! And Samantha, oh, she couldn’t contain her joy either!! You guys, it was truly something to see. I couldn’t hold my tears in.

After the ceremony, the joy and laughter just continued. Jared, Mr. Anti-pictures handled all of them SOOO well. We had a great time exploring different places around downtown Greenville. These two are model status now, and I don’t think they even need me anymore!! Their reception was so fun to experience. It was full of yummy food, laughter, chatter and enjoying the company of their closest friends and family!!

Samantha and Jared, thanks so much for allowing me the honor of celebrating with you. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does for you two next. Praising Him with you!!

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