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March 1, 2017

Experiencing India

Dayton Ohio Natural Light Travel Photographer

So things have been AWFULLY quiet around here lately. I has been almost a month since I have written anything…well I have a good reason. I have been VERY much out of the office. My husband and I spent most of the month of February visiting his family in his hometown of Mumbai INDIA! Yes you read that right, I spent most of the last month in India. And y’all….it was AMAZING!!
I visited in August of 2015, under some hard circumstances. You could call it more of an exposure trip then anything else. I went into trip knowing mostly what to expect but anxious about the weather, about the food, and being away from work and home for so long. But you guys…this TRIP WAS AMAZING. The food…AMAZING. The weather… PERFECT (well maybe a little too hot a couple times but….). Being away from work and home for so long…HANDLED (thanks to auto-replys, auto-posting and wifi!)
For the first 7 days of our trip, my parents joined us. It was their first big trip and they had a BLAST and did beyond amazing with everything. The Lord really blessed us with no bad jet-lag or problems with food along the way. It was so much for them to be in the country and the town where my husband was born and grew up, for us to be reunited as a full family (for at least a little while). We explored the town, went to museums, sat in traffic, heard stories, visited the places Andrew grew up in and around, went shopping, got henna tattoos (well me and mom that is), ate too much amazing food and seriously loved every minute of it.
After my parents came back to the states, it was time to rest and relax and spend even more time with Andrew’s family as well as shop some more (this girl LOVESSSSSSS to shop!!) We spent a weekend in Pune visiting and loving on more family…we had too many amazing dinners, laughed too much, prayed even more and truly enjoyed every moment.
As excited we are to be back home and are getting back to normal life, we are so sad that our family isn’t together anymore. It is so hard to leave a mother, father, brother, and sister. The time we spent together will forever be cherished. The smiles, the laughs, the hugs and kisses will hold us over till the next time we together again.
Check out the pictures below to see a little sneak peak into our awesome time out of the office!!

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