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February 18, 2019

Design- Family Room Makeover

Well hello, blog friends!!

It has been AAAWHILE since you have seen anything new over here. Yikes!! Winter mixed with growing a tiny human (if you missed that announcement, head over here to read all about our sweet little miracle), this lady hasn’t been keen on writing new content for you…UNTIL NOW!!

I’m back! And I’m also getting back into sharing more personal projects. If you have been around the blog for a while, you know that my heartbeat is split. Between photographing your memories and designing spaces and events. You can see my last personal renovation project here (and if you ask me it’s a goodie!!)

Well at the moment my heart is even more torn between the two passions. So expect more of a split, for me to share more of my design projects, tips, plans, etc!!

Up next to share is our family room redo. This one got finished when we finished the kitchen in the summer, but I never got around to sharing it until now.

Here is an old iPhone picture of the before. Please excuse that it’s decorated for Christmas. It seemed to be the only picture that I had.

Not a whole lot really changed between the before and the after, except for wall and window coverings. Oh and I did just replace the rug for something bigger that made the room feel larger. I know it’s strange that a larger rug made the room feel bigger but things that are to scale, make things feel bigger.

That dark brown wall had to go. It was making the room feel so heavy!! And you couldn’t really see how tall the room really was before. The other thing that went away was the builder beige that was on all the other walls! It was flat plant, so if you got a mark on it, you couldn’t wipe it off and the beige was just too boring for me.

Lastly was the window coverings. You again can’t see them in the before picture, but they were a light coral. Perfectly fine, but just needed a change. I wanted something that let in a little more light.


Without further ado….


You can see the major change already. #Shiplap on that large wall surrounding the fireplace. Hickory Handyman did an AMAZING job making that shiplap as well as installing it!!

That alone brightened the whole room and made it feel so much brighter. You will also noticed that larger rug in these after photos as well as the light curtains. Basically, my whole goal was to lighten the room up. And think

I am already in love with all the storage that is in this room. We spend so much time in this room and I know once our little man arrives the same will be true. I’m excited to store all the baby things in those baskets in the bookcase and the drawers of the coffee table!

Ok BONUS time!!!

I’m also including our recent stair redo!!


Carpeted, short stair treads (this girl might have fallen down the stairs like 4 times…2 of which recently, hence the project). Dark wood banister posts at the top and the bottom. Here are a couple of before pictures. (Ignore that they are from my phone and all include Augie Doggie, but the top of the stairs might be one of her favorite¬†spots in the whole house!!)


You will notice, nice wide stair treads. Hardwood that matches the hardwoods in the family room. And beautifully handcrafted posts at the top and bottom of the banisters. Hickory Handy Man killed this project. I’m allowed to brag about my dad’s awesome little business all the time on here because he is awesome.

Oh and we all knew that Augie doggie approved of the new stairs when she reclaimed her place as queen of the stairs…scroll down…you’ll see what I’m saying!!

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