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February 25, 2019

Design- Living and Dining Room

Another Monday! Oh Mondays, why are you so terrible?? Except over here it doesn’t feel like a true Monday. My sweet hubby has the day off today before he starts his week of clinical hours!! So its a day to rest, relax, snuggle on the sofa with Netflix playing.  Oh, and sharing with you guys another sneak into our humble abode.

Up next is the living and dining room. This room got a big makeover this summer when the kitchen got overhauled but I never got around to sharing it. (Summer is my busy season…please forgive me.)

The main change in this room was the FLOORS! The before pictures that I didn’t take of this room because I was too excited for the kitchen included shag carpet all over the floor, builder beige walls, and a tall bar height dining room table.

All of the walls got painted before they started the floors. Well except that bright bold blue wall. That one was the only wall that stayed the same. Otherwise, the boring beige got replaced with our all over the house gray. The color is from Lowe’s and it’s called Modernist Gray. I am sorta obsessed with gray these days. I think because it makes it feel warmer and homey-er without darkening any of the spaces.

The flooring is the same manufactured hardwood that is in the kitchen. I love how the two rooms just flow together now. Even though the openings between the two rooms didn’t change at all, it just feels like the two go together more now. Previously there was tile in the kitchen/entry and carpet in the living/dining room, so for both to have the same floor really achieved this. If you have a similar adjoining space that you want to feel more connected without removing walls, this would be my recommendation.

The other huge change to the dining room side of this room is two things. The dining room table and the lights. That gorgeous dining table was created by the amazing Hickory Handyman and Woodworking. If you have read any of my other posts you will see a theme of who I use for woodworking and handyman projects…my sweet papa!! He handcrafted this beauty and it even expands to fit up to 12 people. The low profile and bright color really transformed and opened-up this space. Those chairs were a find from Wayfair (I have the exact same chair linked there, but they sure have raised the price I purchased them last January!)

Oh and those lights!! We previously only had one, the table was square in shape so one fit really well over the square shape. When this table went in with its rectangular shape, one didn’t seem to fit. We toyed with the idea of just getting a new longer fixture, but we both still really like this fixture. So thank goodness Pottery Barn was still selling them!! And of course, our favorite handyman came to rescue of adding it in and making it be on the same switch!!

Everything else in this space was there or got repurposed from another part of the house.

Enjoy looking through these after pictures.

Be on the lookout for our next project, the guest bathroom. I am hoping to share before pictures and my inspiration board soon!!

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