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March 19, 2019

Design- Guest Bathroom Inspiration Board

I would love y’all think that I was building suspense for this post…but to be honest, things have been a little busy with life and more life around here.

But let’s go with, that I was really trying to build suspense.

Our next renovation project to tackle, the guest bathroom!!

The guest bathroom is one of the rooms that everyone visits when they come over…well for obvious reasons. It is right off of the kitchen, the first door on the left down the hallway (it’s actually the only door on the left.) This room has nothing really wrong with it. We could keep on living with it. But honestly, it drives me crazy. Ever since we finished the kitchen, family room, living and dining room, and our bedroom, this one really started to stick out like a sore thumb. It was becoming more and more obvious that it was done by the old owners, not us. It is the only room on the whole of the first floor that hasn’t really had the Maigur touch to it (well besides the master bathroom, but that one doesn’t get seen as much by others!)

So with baby Maigur on the way and his room being right across the hall from this bathroom, the time is NOW to renovate this guy!!

So without further ado, here are the before pictures. You will notice a pedestal sink that offers ZERO storage, a large wall that really cuts the whole room in half, very ornate tile that goes halfway up the wall in some areas and all the way up the wall in other areas…to put it nicely, just overdone for this girl’s taste.

Once you make your way through those, I show my mood/materials board as well as chat about my design inspiration.

Now that you all survived looking at the before pictures (please ignore/forgive the iPhone quality pictures!!), we can talk about what the after will look like. Below you will find my materials board as well as links to all the products and where I go them. Most of them have arrived or on their way. My wonderful dad, Hickory Handyman and Woodworking, is tackling this renovation project.

The whole thing really started in about 3 places. The vanity, a smaller more open tub and a striking floor.

The first thing that fell into place was the vanity. I fell so hard for that vanity. It was on sale after New Year’s Day and I could just see the whole space come together around that vanity. The bright top, the natural wood and details to keep it feeling casual, like a bathroom you can use regularly.

Next for me was, that I wanted to open up the space. It is really a LARGE bathroom, it just doesn’t feel like it at the moment. The big giant wall full of plumbing for the shower cuts the room into two small pieces. So my next inspiration was the idea of just a tub and moving the plumbing to the back wall. That was where the clawfoot tub came into place. I am so excited to see that wall come down and the room to feel more open, not to mention the details of the tub, to bring the whole space together.

And the last big inspiration for me was that I wanted a striking floor. I wanted the floor to just wow!! Enter the amazing concrete tiles I found on wayfair.com. (if you are looking for good quailty tiles that don’t break the bank, Wayfair does have just what you need ;)!).

After those big pieces were picked and orderd, everything else just came into place nicely. I have pieces and parts arriving daily creating a big pile of cardboard boxes in my living room (reno realities!), and each time a new piece arrives I can just see them coming together.

Stay tuned for the results and if you want to follow along on my InstaStories, I’ll post some behind the scenes as we go!!



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