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May 27, 2019

Design- Guest Bathroom Reveal

I can’t believe I’m finally writing this blog. Somewhere in the trenches of this project…I honestly never thought it as going to get finished. I know I’m being a little over-dramatic…but aren’t pregnancy hormones good at that?!?!

But in all seriousness…I am still in disbelief that our dream guest bathroom is now a reality!

Every time I walk into this space, I can’t believe that it’s really ours, that it’s in our house. And this girl has these thoughts a lot these days…little man is making have to pee a lot! 😉

I can’t thank my sweet papa enough for making this dream space a reality. He put so much blood and sweat and brain power (but I don’t think tears, those were just mine!) into making the bathroom the thing of beauty that it is. If you are on the hunt for a woodworker, contractor, handyman, jack of all trades, he is your man. Go check him out, here!!

If you missed the before pictures (cover your eyes a little bit), and the design inspiration blog post you should check it out before you let yourself see the after…you’ll appreciate it more. Go on, I’ll wait….click here.

Now that you are fully up to speed with where we started…now we can talk and share about the after. Enjoy seeing the fruits of some hard labor and a long time without a front bathroom. We will chat more specifics at the end ;)!

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t think this project was ever going to wrap up. The floor tiles, while making a huge statement (just like I wanted them to), where also a huge pain! They are 18×18 tiles so they took FOREVER to dry. We are taking 3 weeks you guys!! We also had a couple of set backs with mold in the walls that needed handled and some other issues that just delayed the project all the more. But those things just make the final result all that much sweeter. When the water was finally running in the tub, and I could finally decorate after all the time of waiting with piles of boxes sitting around the house, I was all the more gleeful because of the waiting!!

I guess there might be a small life lesson for the day built into my bathroom blog post!! There is beauty in the waiting friends!! Anyway, more about the bathroom….

Most of the products that got used, were linked in the before the post.

The main things that are different are the chandelier and the towel ladder. The chandelier that I linked in the before post got lost in the mail from Amazon, so the amazing Hickory Handyman came to the rescue and made the one we have!! The towel ladder I ended up using is from Magnolia Market.

Most of the decor we already had and I just moved it around. The shelves I made from plumbing parts and a 2×8 board.

The mini vases are from Wayfair.com and the storage baskets are also from Wayfair.

The tray, glass jar and the vase on the vanity are from Home Goods.

The blue and light gray towels are from Pottery Barn.

I can’t believe we get to live with this space. And it make me all the more excited to do the other bathrooms in the house. I have dreams for both the downstairs guest bathroom and our master bath! But up next is finishing up the nursery and then bringing home our sweet little man!!

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