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July 15, 2019

Design- Titus’ Farmhouse Nursery

Oh my goodness! I have been waiting so long to share this blog with you guys. I have been dreaming about our baby’s nursery for oh so long (infertility journey problems!)

Literally, as soon as we found out we were pregnant with our miracle baby, my design brain started spinning and creating this space for our child. Not even knowing if we would welcome a little boy or a little girl, I planned out and searched out ideas for both. Knowing in my mind what I wanted the final product to look like.

I wanted the nursery to look like it fit with the rest of our house. I didn’t want it to stand out and scream to anyone walking by, “yes we do have kids”. My dream was something childlike but still in the keeping with the rest of our farmhouse style house.

The whole space started with the crib. Andrew and I bought the crib on Black Friday (I love a good deal), but I was only like 8 weeks along and lots of things could still go wrong, but we went for it anyway. From there the room took shape. The grey was neutral and would go either way gender-wise and could be used for the next kid (Lord willing). We found a killer deal at Pottery Barn. You can find the exact crib here (but it doesn’t seem to available at the moment).

I knew I wanted to do wallpaper in the space for some texture and pattern…plus wallpaper is just pretty (or in this case, masculine). When I found this Magnolia wallpaper, I was 100% sold. Looking back, I probably would have picked that paper whether we had a boy or a girl. I just love the clean lines and the bright color. You can find that paper here.

When we found out Titus was a boy, the changing table the other things came to life. Everyone kept asking me if the room had a theme, and my answer was, not really. Except for prettty!! But one day the idea of vintage travel came to me. With Andrew being from India and me being born and raised in Ohio, the maps to show the different sides of his heritage seemed beyond perfect. The last piece to bring the travel theme to life was the handpainted globe. I got it custom painted from a local artisan. Sarah knocked it out of the park, I can’t recommend her enough!!

So without further ado- here is baby Titus’ nursery. I will link as much as I can remember at the end of the post.

The plant was from my baby shower. And that verse print on the wall, I made from a watercolor and verse my sister in law sent us when we were celebrating the baby being a boy.
The pillows on the crib that look like shirts, well they were shirts. They belonged to my late father in law. My amazing grandma and I transformed into pillows.

Sources for the space- Changing table, area rug, glider and ottoman, light fixture, custom globe, picture frames. Shelf was made by my dad, closet doors were made by my dad, end table is from Home Goods.

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