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January 13, 2017

Something New Take 2- Christmas Party Planning

Dayton Ohio Party Planning

Like my 2016 wrap up this post is a little delayed as well. But it’s better late then never.
Early last year I announced in my “Something New” post that I would be posting some tips and tricks to throwing great parties and events…and then life and a crazy busy work year happened and I didn’t get around to posting anymore post about that. Until today.
Today I was going to recap the Christmas Eve dinner party my wonderful husband and I threw this year. We hosted dinner for 11 people on Christmas Eve and it could NOT have been more wonderful.
I got this crazy idea for a long family style table so you could talk to everyone that was there. But we don’t have a long family style table that would work. Enter plastic folding tables (four of them to be exact all butted up to each other) and some pretty long brown table cloths. Great way to make your party classier without spending a fortune. In the future I would love a long dining table, but for now…this will work when we decide to go crazy with guests.
To give that long (cheap) table an extra special kick, I decided to use a long evergreen garland. I purchased all the greenery from Trader Joes and when I ran out of that, the trees in the backyard worked wonderful to fill in the rest. After watching several online tutorials, I wired all the greenery to a roped wire (but plain rope would work too). It might have taken both me and my husband to get that guy upstairs from the basement where I made it.
From there I just added wood cuts, gold votive holders and candles. I tried to keep all the table decor low so it would be easy to chat across the table. I made gold tipped pinecones to hold place cards. Side point…..I think place cards are a great way to make sure everyone feels included. You don’t walk up to the table and feel like that middle school kid who didn’t know where to sit. Plus it forces you to sit and talk to new people ;)!!
From there I used mismatched chargers. We had gold ones and rustic rope ones which completed the whole gold and rustic theme and feel to the table. After that it was just plates (which were mismatched too because who has enough real plates for 11 people?!!) Oh and napkins!! Napkins were the last piece of the puzzle and they might have been mismatched too! 🙂
It was a beautiful table but was even more beautiful were the people that sat and ate and drank around the table. The conversations, the meeting new people, sharing love and stories…that was the most beautiful part of the party. To see grandparents, and friends and international students come together over a meal, talk about what they are thankful for from the year….that made the table disappear and left us all with just joy in our hearts!!
(But if you want to see the table…keep scrolling!! )

 Here you can see the pine cones I was talking about. As well as the woot cuts and candles.

 Here are all of our wonderful guests, family, friends and new friends who already feel like family!!

 Augie doggie wanted to get in on some of the love and attention!!

 And I have to share our family picture from this year!! Love these two beyond words!!

 I hope and pray you and yours had a wonderful and joyous Christmas season full of love, laughter, good food and God’s love for you!!! I know we did!!

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