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July 13, 2020

Design- Laundry Room Remodel

Y’all!! THE LAUNDRY ROOM IS FINISHED!! Yes, yes, I did just yell that at you! I’m just so excited that this beautiful space is finished.

It turned out EXACTLY! Like I had in my mind the whole time. No, it’s better than what I had in my head. My sweet dad and grandpa of Hickory Woodworking and DESIGN seriously knocked the whole project out of the park. This project had several new techniques and they took them in stride and mastered them. The main one being those floors. The grouting was totally different than normal tile grout and if I do say so myself they killed it. The others included painting the ceiling a color instead of the usual white and my dad making the cabinet, folding table, and those counters.

I wanted this space to be bright and bold all at the same time. I wanted the rough floors but then the polish of the brass. I wanted to tone down the modern-ness of the laundry machines and finally make this space someplace you want to be in. Because let’s be real laundry isn’t a fun task to do. So maybe with a BEAUTIFUL space, I’ll be better at getting the laundry done.

If you want to see the before as well as my sources for this project. Head over to my mood board blog here.

When I look back at the before pictures, I just can’t believe it’s the same room. Like it just doesn’t seem possible at all!! The old space feels so small and just un-interesting. The new space feels HUGE and everything is used so well!!

So without anymore chatter from me, our new modern farmhouse laundry room!!

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