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August 26, 2020

The Big Day: Carolyn and Drew

an elegant late summer upper arlington wedding

Oh Carolyn and Drew.

These two are just pure joy. They overflow with love, excitement, calm and ease. When I talked to them at the beginning of June about their big day, they said their plan for a wedding was perfect for this strange COVID-19 (or as I like to call it these days, the C-word!) world that we live in. They were planning a small, low-key wedding with a reception at a restaurant to follow. At their engagement session (you can see and read about it here), things were still going great, and the plans were still moving forward swimmingly.

Well then the lovely c-word didn’t get any better. Low-key, no stress is out the window now.

But it never slowed Carolyn and Drew down. Yes, their plans changed. Yes, family and friends couldn’t make it anymore. Yes, they had to plan a different honeymoon. But did their love and commitment to each other change? No. Did the fact that they got to get married and share it with family and friends change? No. The smiles were always on their faces. (I could tell even through their masks in the church.) The love was always on display.

Their St. Agatha Catholic Church wedding with a small family dinner afterward is what dreams are made of. Just enough style to make it feel special and just enough casual to make it feel inviting.

I think small intimate weddings full of love (and gorgeous details), and joy should stick around even when the c-word is erased from a everyday vocabulary. Carolyn and Drew set the bar PRETTY high.

I’m so sad that my time working with them is over, but I know these two are going to do big things. I hope we stay in touch so I can cheer you on.

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