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September 8, 2020

They Still Do- Megan and Conor

a quaint late summer anniversary session in dayton, ohio

Have I mentioned that I love capturing two people in love?? It will ALWAYS be my favorite thing.

But anniversary sessions might be my ALL TIME FAVORITE. Don’t get me wrong, I love a wedding day full of excitement and anticipation. The details and the tears of joy. A wedding day will always be up at the top of my life. But recently, anniversary session have really stolen my heart.

To see how love has grown, sustained, changed, deepened…it makes my heart leap. To see a husband and wife who have weathered the mountains and the valleys, and still smile at each other from ear to ear is one of the greatest things to celebrate.

Enter, my dear friends, Megan and Conor! They have been husband and wife for 2 years (and a couple weeks). It was so fun to celebrate that with them last weekend.

I love doing life with these two. They bring such joy and strength with them wherever they go. I love that Titus has them to look up to. I love the different perspectives they bring. I can’t wait to see where life and the Lord is going to lead them next. But I’ll be cheering it on!!

Enjoy a little peak into the celebration of their continued love.

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