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October 9, 2020

The Engagement- Karen & Dave

a loveland ohio early fall engagement session

Oh Karen and Dave.

I literally love these two so much!!

When Karen emailed about photographing their wedding a couple of months ago, my heart just leaped out of my chest. I could just feel the love these two share!!

And when I met them in person last Saturday, it just sealed the deal that they are the best. And they are simply perfect for each other!!

Karen and Dave met at a mixer at Crossroads Church with 400 other people there. They found each other at the end of the night. This is what Karen said about their meeting… it’s BEYOND dreamy!!

“A woman came up to me and said: Hi, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine! she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to Dave. I said, “Oh this is so cool, how do you two know each other?” She said, “Oh we don’t, we just have been talking here tonight and I just have a feeling you two have a lot to talk about so I will let you go”. Dave had just told her he was disappointed he didn’t meet anyone and she had asked him ‘what kind of woman are you looking for?” and dave started rambling but then looked over, saw me, and said “wait- that’s the kind of woman! right there!” so Faith (that’s her name) ran right over and got me. As Dave and I talked after about 5 sentences all the sound went out of the room for me. I heard “he is so special” and nodded in my spirit agreement. And truly, Dave is so incredibly special in character and his faith is amazing. We have been in love since.”

These two bikers and hikers and outdoor lovers picked this location that is just PERFECT for them. They bike here all the time and even had some great dates here. They are so thoughtful, so full of joy, bring love and light into everything they do.

Their wedding is THIS SATURDAY!! And I for one CANNOT WAIT!!

So you will see them on the blog again soon!!

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