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November 7, 2020

Design- Kitchen Restyling

a modern farmhouse open shelf kitchen redesign

So all of this continued time at home has given me the itch to change things around the house.

I have all sorts of plans and dreams for so many different areas in our lovely home. Dreams for the office, the living/dining room, our master bedroom and bathroom, the front porch…but all of those were too big to tackle and see a quick difference.

So I decided restyling the kitchen shelves would be the perfect way to make a big difference in a room of our house that we basically live in (who doesn’t love to cook and bake and EAT?!?!).

It all started because we got some new dishes. I seriously loved the old set, but it was showing its age and wear. Plus the big plates were too big to eat off of every day, and they didn’t fit in the dishwasher every well. So I decided to get these plates from Target. And then these bowls and these mugs from Pottery Barn. Oh plus these bowls from Pottery Barn.

I kept some of the serving bowls and plates from our old dish set because I love the mix and match feel.

From there it was time to fully redo all the shelves. I took everything down, pulled in some things from other stores and last minute trip to Target and Lowe’s for a plant, and slowly put things back. I played with placement, rearranged, rearranged, ate and rearranged.

And here we have it! All done and ready to make memories, yummy dinners and too many baked goods.

I hope you enjoy looking at this space as much as I do. I love being in here again. It just makes me smile and makes me want to keeps things extra clean ;)!

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