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January 12, 2021

Design- Playroom Reveal

So, I know y’all have been waiting for this!!

The playroom is DONE and I found the time to photograph it. I am so in love with the way this space came out. When we finally got it down on New Year’s Day (my goal was to get it done by Christmas, but that just wasn’t in the cards…after some tears, I got over it and made it happen just a week later!), I was happy clapping and crying happy tears. It came out like the space I had in my head, or heck maybe even better.

Titus LOVESSSSS this space. Whenever I say, “you want to go play downstairs??”, he runs to the stairs throwing his hands up to tell you he’s ready to go. And if we have to leave earlier than he’s ready, you will get a meltdown!!

He reads all the books in his tent. He loves to sit on his table and chairs and color. He loves to pull all the bins of toys out and make a mess everywhere.

I’m so happy that we were able to create a space that not only looks like it belongs in the house with a childlike touch, but we also created a space that Titus wants to spend time in. Where he can learn, where he can create a stronger love for reading, where he can play and imagine all sorts of wonderful things, where he can grow!!

(Peep him playing and enjoying the space in the pictures. I couldn’t keep him out he space long enough!! Oh and you also get a tiny peek into the office. It’s almost finished. One more final touch I’m waiting on before I share it too!!)

I can’t wait to see this space grow and change with him.

If you are interested or missed it, my inspiration and all of the sources were on this blog post.

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