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January 19, 2021

Design: Office Inspiration

Well hello again friends.

I seem to be on kick of writing the inspiration for a space blog after the space is basically done!

Today we are talking about the home office.

This office as always been mine. When we moved into our house 6 (YIKES! It feels like yesterday. But I digress) the space that is the office was claimed. It isn’t really a room. I’ve always called it an alcove off the main part of the basement. It has served me well these last 6 years.

In 2019, my handsome husband had to move his home office into my office space since his room upstairs needed to turn into the nursery for our son. We always knew when we had kids this would have to happen. His little office space was the perfect location and size for a nursery. It didn’t make it any easier to make my little alcove into a workable space for 2 people who have very opposite careers.

I did terrible about taking before pictures of this project. I’m going to blame having a toddler and doing a project at Christmas time. But I did find a blog from when I re did my office in 2017. It was basically the same as that space but with just 2 desks instead of one!

You can see what it (sorta) looked like before here.

The need for a new office space came when 2020 happened!!! My lovely Andrew has been working from home since March of 2020. And we have a small human….who loves to hear his own voice. Andrew has been mentioning the need for doors to our office for so many months now. And he wasn’t wrong.

Well then….

In July our dishwasher backed up into the newly redone laundry room sink…just imagine with me, water EVERYWHERE in the laundry room and running out of the door and the walls into the office onto the CARPET!!!

That’s were the idea for wood look tile floors came from. I was so grossed out by all the water in the office carpet as well as battling water in there every spring when it rains heavy….that carpet needed to go. I also from design standpoint that it would really define the space as it’s own room.

So we went for it. In November I custom ordered the doors and when they came in right before Christmas we decided to just go for it. And I’m glad we did. Not only did we get a new office space for a new year, but it allowed us to gift Titus the playroom of his dreams for Christmas. (If you missed that one, see it here).

This space is just the right mix of manly and girlie. The right amount of light and dark. The wallpaper and white shiplap really makes it feel like it’s a room, not an alcove. Plus the colors make it flow from the laundry room and flow back into the rest of the basement. Since the space is basically done, I can’t wait to share it with you.

But first here are my sources just in case you want to know!!

Wallpaper, wood look tile, floor lamp, large faux plant, small faux plant, desks, bookcase, light fixtures, rug, picture frames, doors, sliding door track

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