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May 26, 2021

The Engagement: Liz and Ben

a quaint lebanon ohio springtime engagement session

To know Liz and Ben is to love them.

I’ve had the honor of knowing Liz for almost 2 years now. We talk all the time about how we first met. After the tornados came through the Dayton area 2 years ago our church hosted a morning of serving our neighbors who had been hit the hardest. I was 34-35 (I can’t remember) weeks pregnant with baby Titus at the time. So my mom and I had picked a smaller job to go do. But when we got there it was all done. So we decided to just go join in where my dad and Andrew were working. Well, we walk over and find all the ladies of the crew standing around waiting for tree branches to move. And there was Liz. Our friendship started almost instantly.

This sweet sister in Christ is so dear to our family now. I can’t believe how the Lord made our paths cross but, He’s ways are higher than our ways.

When she started dating Ben, I could see something happening. It was almost instant.

You see Liz and Ben and their families have known each other since elementary school. These two have been best friends since high school. They lost touch during college.

But the Lord in His plan, had them reconnect. They picked up right where they left off and the rest is history.

Well almost history. Andrew, Titus and I can’t wait for your August wedding. And we can’t wait even more to be along for your journey into the future. We know the Lord is going to do big things through your lives together.

Until then, let’s enjoy this season and this amazing engagement session in quaint downtown Lebanon, Ohio.

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