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July 26, 2021

Design: Front Door Reveal

So it’s time to share another project that has been done for a while!!

I’m so bad at sharing projects these days. I’m going to once again place the blame on my two-year-old!!

Today’s late share is something I was dreaming up for quite some time…THE FRONT DOOR!!

Now I know what you are thinking, Sarah didn’t you repaint and rehab your old front door not that long ago, and the answer is yes. Yes I did. But the goal was just to get it to the point where we could replace it.

I’ve been dreaming about a door with more window light and the ability to see who is at the door from the door. The previous door had a decorative and hammered glass to the point that you couldn’t see out at all!! Well, the time had come. With COVID lockdowns and being stuck in the house so much, I really could visualize and see my dreams coming to life.

In October I went to my local Lowe’s with my dad to order this new beauty. After waiting for some final estimates and measurements I ordered it in the middle of November. It was ready in the middle of February. But as we all know, it’s really cold in February.

So the big door day was the end of March!!

My amazing daddy and grandpa came and had it all up and installed in a day. The hardest part was getting the hardware to fit in right. But with some engineering some calls to the company for new parts and some love, my dream front door!!

Before we look at the beauts, let’s see the before, just for reference.

And now, without further ado! The new front door.

The planter box my amazing daddy made. The door like I mentioned before I purchased at Lowe’s. The light I bought and hung from Wayfair last year. And the door hardware was the hardest thing to find but worth every minute of shopping.

(Oh and you will see plenty of pictures of Titus enjoying the outdoors. In true mom fashion he was outside with me while I was photographing the front door)

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