I'm Sarah. I'm a small town girl from Dayton Ohio married to the love of my life, snuggler of the world's sweetest doggie and follower of Jesus Christ! I love photographing love, life and memories. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some of my most recent work.


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Design- Guest Bathroom Inspiration Board

I would love y’all think that I was building suspense for this post…but to be honest, things have been a little busy with life and more life around here. But let’s go with, that I was really trying to build suspense. Our next renovation project to tackle, the guest bathroom!! The guest bathroom is one of the […]

March 19, 2019

Design, Personal

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The Engagement: Lauren and Zack

Winter, Elegant, Downtown Dayton Ohio Engagement Session Saturday morning might have been windy and freezing cold, but these two didn’t let it slow them down. They just took it in stride and oh my goodness made freezing cold look amazing!! After our first attempt for this session got canceled because of the threat of snow, […]

March 8, 2019


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Design- Living and Dining Room

Another Monday! Oh Mondays, why are you so terrible?? Except over here it doesn’t feel like a true Monday. My sweet hubby has the day off today before he starts his week of clinical hours!! So its a day to rest, relax, snuggle on the sofa with Netflix playing.  Oh, and sharing with you guys another […]

February 25, 2019

Design, Personal

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Design- Family Room Makeover

Well hello, blog friends!! It has been AAAWHILE since you have seen anything new over here. Yikes!! Winter mixed with growing a tiny human (if you missed that announcement, head over here to read all about our sweet little miracle), this lady hasn’t been keen on writing new content for you…UNTIL NOW!! I’m back! And […]

February 18, 2019

Design, Personal

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Personal- Life Update

So most of you know already know the life update and our big new because you got here through a social media post but just in case you missed it… We are having a baby!! Andrew and I have been keeping a secret from all of our sweet clients, most of our friends, some family, […]

January 19, 2019


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Best of 2018- A Recap

Oh 2018. I can’t believe you are over! But oh my goodness, WHAT. A. YEAR!! It wasn’t exactly the year, I had planned. But dang, was it far better than any of my expectations. From the amazing wedding clients turned friends, to friends turned family clients, to repeat clients, to younger child senior sessions and oh […]

January 9, 2019

Anniversary, Engagement, Portrait, Wedding

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The Big Day: Amelia and Craig

Columbus Ohio, The Vault New Year’s Wedding I CANNOT believe it is 2019 already! How on earth did that happen?? I feel like 2018 just started and now it is over. Wow oh wow did the year fly by!! I can’t wait to share with you all a look back over 2018, what is in […]

January 4, 2019


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The Big Day- Samantha and Jared

Greenville Ohio fall navy and orange church wedding Can we take a moment to talk about the fact that I blogged two times in one week?!?! Ok moment over. Now let’s talk about Samantha and Jared!! These two are the sweetest, most kind, caring, compassionate, Godly people!! And their wedding day…it leaves me speechless and […]

October 3, 2018


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The Big Day- Rachelle and Owen

early fall Columbus Ohio Wedgewood golf club wedding Things have been a little radio silent around here lately!! I have been out of the office and even out of town celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary!! It was a simply wonderful time away from all the stresses of life and just celebrate what the Lord has […]

October 1, 2018


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It’s Only the Beginning: Elise

urban dayton ohio senior session The class of 2019 has been BRINGING it this year. I have been seriously blessed with some AMAZING senior clients this year. They are up for anything, laugh often, have great style and they might all think I’m crazy!! But in all seriousness, I am totally humbled and overcome by the […]

September 21, 2018


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